Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is not a post on "Rock of Love."

This is not yet ANOTHER post on “Rock of Love,” but in true KR style, it involves a small but oh so memorable element of the fabulously trashy show’s premiere season. Of course I’m talking about the busty and brazen Rodeo! I’m not sure if it’s too soon to admit this on my public blog, but I may or may not have dressed as Rodeo during my Winter ’09 “Rock of Love Bus” costumes-not-optional premiere party. I use the word “party” lightly – it was really just my posse of paradise: my collection of friends who unfortunately didn’t follow my instructions to channel their favorite groupie. (I was really hoping KW and JT, the resident blondies, would tease their ‘dos a la Heather.) While I sat in my basement surrounded by cable sweaters, Ugg boots, and skinny jeans, munching on pita chips and the heaven that is Trader Joe’s artichoke dip (fatty deliciousness!), I wore my cowboy hat and boots proudly, relishing in the fact that, after you’ve been friends with the same guys and gals since high school, there’s too much love in the air to judge... and that’s just perfect!

Pardon my tangent. Anyhow, after catching up on a new must read blog that’s perfect for any New Yorker whose either been hit hard by the recession or savvy enough to admit an undying love of freebies (because honestly, who doesn’t love a good freebie?), I was turned onto Rodeo Bar, the 3rd Ave. hotspot that provides free wings and nachos with your drink purchase(s?) between 4 PM and 8 PM on weekdays. I hope this new bargain boozefest brings a little extra happy to your hour! (If you love this kind of stuff as much as me, make this fabulous blog one of your daily must-reads. Each day features something new, free, and fabulous, from aesthetic and artsy afternoons, to morning kayak rides in the Hudson.)

Moving back to the topic of reality TV, who watched the finale of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey?” Who is already counting down the hours until Bravo’s special airing of “The Last Supper” on Thursday. Who is woman enough to admit that you are as (unhealthfully?) obsessed as me? As I watched with the aforementioned posse in ML’s sports bar of a basement, judging was in full flow. As Teresa flipped the table and as Caroline's husky, Jersey drawl spoke the long awaited line, “Let me tell you a-something about my family: we are as thick as thieves,” we all sat at the edge of ML's leather couch in such deep concentration that you would have thought the most suspenseful and plot-twisted murder mystery movie were finally making sense.

But no. It was just some big-haired Jersey girls getting their cat fight on. Which is so much better.