Saturday, June 6, 2009

a post with more of a point

[[Disclaimer: Following my last bit of mumbo jumbo, here's an entry with a little more depth!]]

Following my first work-survived Friday, I decided that celebrations were in order, so where better to do so than at Clothingline for the Tory Burch sample sale? I had zero time to shop 'til I dropped earlier in the week, so I beelined out of Times Square, bound for 36th street, just as the five o'clock hour hit. Still in stilettos, I made it to the second floor space in less than ten minutes, and wasted no time to begin searching the racks for some ultra bargains. While the items were certainly picked over, as is only acceptable during the sale's final hour, I still exited with two fabulous finds: a military-style navy blazer with 3/4 sleeves (tres cute!), and a hippie-print blue and purple dress with a ruffly hem at the knee (tres cuter!). At full retail value, my credit card would have suffered and unsufferable (and perhaps unswipeable) $700, but in true KR style, I paid a sweet $179 for both! It was such a successful purchase, and definitely my next ensemble for a post-work happy hour!

For you New Yorkers out there, I am sure you have just loved the weather this week as much as I have. Psh! The rain really spoiled my Friday night plans, as my hometown throws a fantastic festival the night before the Belmont Stakes. However, my friends and I worked with Mother Nature, substituting a night of drinking wine on a closed-off street with a sushi dinner and girly movie... with wine still present, of course. While it kind of drives me insane (well, just Ginnifer Goodwin's character), He's Just Not That Into You still oozed charm and one can't help but find it to be a precious story in the end. I had fun, though my exhaustion set in, made very clear by my -- unbeknown to me -- toppling onto AC's shoulder in a deep, deep sleep. It was a good nap, what can I say!

This weekend marks the marathon weekend of graduation parties, and thankfully, Mr. Sun decided to bust out from hibernation. I'm wearing my new Lilly shift -- a "goal" dress which essentially fits -- to AC's this afternoon. I'm as excited for my new dress as I am for the party. Is that bad? Tomorrow is DA's event, and the fact that I don't have to wear "work" clothes will continue to carry my lifted spirits throughout the duration of the weekend.

Though as exciting as this weekend is going to be, I can't help but dream and pray over what will be happening next Saturday night. While barhopping with my single ladies a few weeks ago, we all entered to win a free happy hour at a Murray Hill bar. The darling Miss AC won, and she now gets to reel in an entourage to participate in the debauchery-filled festivities. Hello! We never win anything, so this is definitely going to be an all-out night!

Happy Saturday!