Saturday, June 27, 2009 not my lover

I think I've heard more Michael Jackson in the last two days than I've heard in my entire lifetime. I was never a huge fan of the King of Pop (his bleached skin and arguably skeevy ways turned me off big time), but after yesterday's marathon dance session at Calico Jack's, I have a new found appreciation for the late moonwalking performance machine. As I write this with Billie Jean blaring through my speakers, I can't help but agree that the dance beats he popularized really set the bar for pop music in today's music scene. I'm still creeped out by the dude, don't get me wrong, but in the tradition of Elvis Presley and John Lennon, Michael Jackson is sure to join the collection of artists whose premature deaths help to repopularize their musical talents and enhance an already established legacy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

wine and dine, your money is fine.

Wining and dining at the most fabulous places is a must for me. I live for exploring new nooks and crannies in the city, from small and adorably affordable cafes downtown, to bank-breaking bistros for a selective splurge. This morning, a relative of mine, who is very well aware of my recent increase in indulgent dining, sent me this great guide to recession dining. The deck includes listings of BYOB restaurants, weekly specials, happy hour recommendations, and general tips on maintaining a life of fabulous dining despite dips in the wallet. Check some of the places out, and use the money you save to do it all over again! And of course, don’t forget about restaurant week, which has been announced for July 12th-31st. Last year, I visited Butter and Il Cantinori for two beyond amazing meals. Butter was worth 500 more trips, so I definitely plan on making an appearance there again. Head to OpenTable ASAP to score your top picks! I hope to land a spot at Mesa Grill! The menu looks divine, but the reservation process resembles the wait for a Birkin bag circa the Lucy Liu episode on the show whose front woman just had twins via surrogate. (I love you, SJP, but those names?! Come on, honey.)

Continuing the sail on the Sale Boat that is my life, I have been one of the lucky ladies to win a free happy hour at the very place where AC hosted her fabulous evening a few weeks ago. What excitement! I’ve got a new dress ready to go, so let’s just hope it matches the magic bracelet that will feed me freebies all night…

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Never Enough NARS

My newest obsession is NARS make-up. Yesterday evening, with a little time to kill before what was one of the best meals I’ve had in a while, I did a quick errand at Sephora. Since I work in Touristville, NY, the make-up boutique calls my name each time I enter the famous Square between 7th and 8th Avenues. While I’ve never been one for fancy and expensive make-up, I have my select splurges: an Urban Decay compact of colorful shadow that is far to fun to fiddle with; Clinique bronzer that is pale enough for the blushing Irish girl in me; MAC lip gloss that’s grossly sticky but perfectly long-lasting. Until yesterday night, I never had a nice eyeliner before. I tend to lose things a lot, so I always settled for the dollar variety from CVS. It did me fine for a while, but with my first paycheck burning a serious hole, I decided to splurge. I tested a few out on my hand, and after removing the rainbow of shadows that I also couldn’t help but sample, I settled on a NARS Liner in “Black Moon.” It is a perfect shade of black that glided on this morning like buttahhhh!

Uncharacteristically, I was also victim to an impulse buy. (I’ve usually got much, much better self control!) I’ve been on a serious hunt for the perfect purple shadow, and NARS came through yet again. The combo pack called “Jolie Poupee” did the trick, so let’s just hope it “brings out the green in my eyes” like my magazine bibles promise. After browsing around on the Sephora website at the other duo compacts available, I know this won’t be my last purchase. Make-up shopping is just FUN! It put me in the best mood for the rest of the night. Not only was the sushi at Aoki divine, but the conversation about NYC real estate with the (potentially!) Brooklyn-bound BT was even better! I hope that she’ll be living large on a new side of the island come December… and not just so I don’t have to deal with the LIRR during my final Christmas break from Stonehill!

In terms of approaching buckets of fun, the Fourth of July is coming up quickly, and after reading this post, I have caught the homemade tortilla bug and just have to try this recipe. Homemade tortillas, GUACAMOLE, and mojitos?! That’s a perfect 4th to me. Throw in my new VV button down that has a silk flag-print collar (Thanks, Filene’s!), and it’s even more festive. My 4th of July weekend plans already include a marathon R family pub crawl through Manhattan and the annual Brooklyn terrace party! The tortillas will just have to find a home among the accumulating plans. No excuses!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

a quick recap

It's Saturday night at 9:37 PM and I couldn't be happier about taking the night off. I feel like I've been having too much fun lately -- though that is definitely a good thing! I don't think I've ever enjoyed myself more during the summer! Here's a little recap of my weekend so far:

-Wednesday and Thursday marked my week of double happy hours. The double dose might have to be a new tradition...

-Friday, I hopped on the fastest train home I could and was welcomed with the longest and snuggliest hugs from my precious cousins D and L, who are approaching ages 5 and 3, respectively. They really are the cutest kids in the world! After not seeing them for over a year, I was simply giddy!

-After Friday's BBQ, ML alerted us that she hooked us all up with some sa-weet Brit Brit tickets for her August show at MSG. I haven't been to the circus in a while, and am definitely looking forward to watching the reinvented pop princess in the center of the ring... ;-)

-Friday night also hosted some bar hopping on a new part of the island, via the instruction of the AZ relatives and some other friends and family who joined for the journey. It was so encouraging to see how well my island ladies meshed with the 1/5467th of my family that was present. It was the best! =)

-Also on Friday, while gallivanting through the RVC beer garden (which will be frequented again quite soon), I ran into one of my favorite pieces of Stonehill fabulousness, JE, who was back from Newport for Father's Day! I love surprises, so seeing her was a little extra bonus to the already perfect night out.

-My yoga towel came in the mail. I far too enthusiastically opened the package upon my arrival home Friday night. I celebrated with chips and salsa. (Bad decision, but oh well!)

-I marathoned at the gym with Mother Hen and AR this morning. It was very, very necessary.

-Father's Day tomorrow marks another several hours that I can surround myself with my two favorite bundles of cuteness. I couldn't be happier!

Happy Weekend! =)

Friday, June 19, 2009


When a brogue-speaking bartender hands you your pint, it taste so much better – and that is coming from a girl who can’t even stomach the smell of even the classiest beer (If classy beer even exists, that is; I’m a cider gal!). For the past two evenings, I spend my post-work hours at The Perfect Pint, which is seriously a boys dream. Over 30 beers on tap and a slew of appetizers that go a few steps beyond pub grub, this place certain certainly does serve the perfect pint – a pint enhanced by good company and conversation.

Wednesday marked an evening with fellow and fabulous blogger, SA, and her posse of friends and family. A Stonehill graduate, SA made her mark on our fair school back when the child M.D. was the hottest doc on TV. After meeting her in NYC during a networking event, we then reconnected over Busch lights during Stonehill’s Spring Weekend (Oh Nostalgia.). Upon her exit, my housemates KA and DT vowed to grow up to be “as cool as SA” when they hit their 30s. I certainly hope we can… I’d say we’re on the right track! ;-)

Yesterday night, in full celebration of fellow intern (but not for long!) CA’s promotion to a full-time, benefits-receiving employee, TPP was the perfect spot. But what was even more perfect was that CA picked up the tab with his fancy new salary. I’m tres jealous. Though I also received my first intern pay check yesterday night, and was happier than a Jersey girl in a jewelry store upon opening it! Seeing the rewards of hard work and motivation keeps me plugging through the days!

This weekend (READ: a delayed DESTINATION THURSDAY) marks the birthday of the lovely LS, so knowing her love of Manhattan antics, we’ll be gallivanting somewhere fun and fabulous! It also marks the arrival of the Arizona relatives. My aunt, uncle, and their too-cute-for-words son and daughter arrived last night in a rainy JFK, so I’m taking the earliest train home so I can in order to see and squeeze them all ASAP tonight! Aww, so much family LOVE!

Closing remarks: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LS, and an even HAPPIER FRIDAY to all!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A budding Uptown Girl?

Those who are fabulous and famous need to learn that when there is a 33 year age difference, marriages are bound to fail. Long Island’s favorite Piano Man and his 27-year-old cookie, Katie Lee (who is a creepy FOUR years older than Alexa Ray, who is the spawn of Mr. Joel and his old Uptown Girl), have waltzed their way into Splitsville. I’m no polytheist; to me, Billy IS God. If I had to listen to only five songs for the rest of my life, at least four would be classics of his -- songs he reserves for his second and third encores, songs he no longer sings, but rather holds out his microphone, allowing his screaming fans to sing the chorus as he hums along on his harmonica. You know which ones I’m talking about! (Side bar: The fifth song on my list would probably be Lily Allen’s “Not Fair” because, with lyrics like that, how can you not be perpetually amused?) Anyhow, despite my love of all things Billy, I have always felt tres iffy about his situation with his third and most wife. A man who dates and marries a girl who could be his daughter is downright disgusting. But alas, that does not change the fact that the three hours I spent with my parents and sisters (well, BT was essentially a part of the family for the day!) rocking out at Shea Stadium (RIP, tear, tear) last summer were the best three hours I have ever experienced. Hearing about Brenda and Eddie’s divorce, even from the nosebleed section, never sounded so good.

This brings me to my rant of the summer: Mr. Joel, while I have gotten over the frustration of not getting to see Sir Paul McCartney last summer, as I was one of the lucky few who was able to score tickets to the ORIGINAL last play at Shea, why are you failing to perform in NY this season with your ol’ pal Elton? NY is your home! We love you on Long Island! Come back to us. MSG can squeeze you in. Don’t let the divorce get you down. Love, KR (and the rest of the island you call home)

I just don’t get it.

Now, travelling to Katie Lee’s side of the divorce, I have to say, I kind of sympathize with the gal, but for a very specific reason. While the supposed cause of the spilt is the brunette’s budding “friendship” with an Italian designer, I’m sure the Piano Man’s constant touring didn’t help, either. The girl was a nobody before, but now has a collection of cookbooks and her own column in the bible of trash, Cosmopolitan. The column is great: each month, it features a fun recipe that makes my mouth water at first sight of the headline. My only hope is that she gets through the paperwork in time for the next issue. The walnut-crusted tilapia was too good to be true.

Alright. Maybe I don’t sympathize. There’s a good chance she was only in it for the fame and book deal... =) Hey! Maybe now that Katie Lee is out of the picture, I can be his new Uptown Girl. I’d deal with his balding and beer belly if it meant front row tickets every night.

Jeez, who am I, Katie Lee? Rock on.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is not a post on "Rock of Love."

This is not yet ANOTHER post on “Rock of Love,” but in true KR style, it involves a small but oh so memorable element of the fabulously trashy show’s premiere season. Of course I’m talking about the busty and brazen Rodeo! I’m not sure if it’s too soon to admit this on my public blog, but I may or may not have dressed as Rodeo during my Winter ’09 “Rock of Love Bus” costumes-not-optional premiere party. I use the word “party” lightly – it was really just my posse of paradise: my collection of friends who unfortunately didn’t follow my instructions to channel their favorite groupie. (I was really hoping KW and JT, the resident blondies, would tease their ‘dos a la Heather.) While I sat in my basement surrounded by cable sweaters, Ugg boots, and skinny jeans, munching on pita chips and the heaven that is Trader Joe’s artichoke dip (fatty deliciousness!), I wore my cowboy hat and boots proudly, relishing in the fact that, after you’ve been friends with the same guys and gals since high school, there’s too much love in the air to judge... and that’s just perfect!

Pardon my tangent. Anyhow, after catching up on a new must read blog that’s perfect for any New Yorker whose either been hit hard by the recession or savvy enough to admit an undying love of freebies (because honestly, who doesn’t love a good freebie?), I was turned onto Rodeo Bar, the 3rd Ave. hotspot that provides free wings and nachos with your drink purchase(s?) between 4 PM and 8 PM on weekdays. I hope this new bargain boozefest brings a little extra happy to your hour! (If you love this kind of stuff as much as me, make this fabulous blog one of your daily must-reads. Each day features something new, free, and fabulous, from aesthetic and artsy afternoons, to morning kayak rides in the Hudson.)

Moving back to the topic of reality TV, who watched the finale of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey?” Who is already counting down the hours until Bravo’s special airing of “The Last Supper” on Thursday. Who is woman enough to admit that you are as (unhealthfully?) obsessed as me? As I watched with the aforementioned posse in ML’s sports bar of a basement, judging was in full flow. As Teresa flipped the table and as Caroline's husky, Jersey drawl spoke the long awaited line, “Let me tell you a-something about my family: we are as thick as thieves,” we all sat at the edge of ML's leather couch in such deep concentration that you would have thought the most suspenseful and plot-twisted murder mystery movie were finally making sense.

But no. It was just some big-haired Jersey girls getting their cat fight on. Which is so much better.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

check her out!

Anyone who calls me Elle Wood’s twin deserves her own post. (While I’m too Irish to go blonde, I must agree that it’s a pretty accurate statement in all areas besides my brunette coif!) My intern pal from my days at Zoom has started a long-awaited blog that you should all check out! I’ve mentioned her before: NB, the feisty and fabulous Brooklynite with style to impress and stories to tell, kept me consistently entertained and in the know of all things fabulous in NYC every day during the far less rainy summer of 2008. Her blog theme is really clever: she’s posting a “thing” of the day that ranges from a specific blog or news article to a delicious pair of heels or a lethal new cocktail (By the way, she’s Russian.). Check her out!

another reason to love YTTP!

Not that I really need another reason to love my beloved Yoga to the People, but after yesterday’s class, I am officially obsessed: somehow, when poses are instructed in an accent that I placed as either Scottish or Aussie, the class becomes astronomically more enjoyable. He whose name I do not yet know (but certainly plan on learning!) was a tough instructor, urging us to challenge ourselves rather than relax for the hour. Despite my aching abdominals and throbbing thighs, however, I made it through the entire sweaty hour, taking zero breaks to relax in child’s pose. He was very encouraging, telling us to be fearless with each new contortion, which was especially helpful when I reached an – albeit wobbly – dancer’s pose. I can’t wait to go back, and am considering upping my attendance to twice-weekly. Once my brand-spankin’ new Yogitoes mat towel comes in, classes will involve less slippage -- a definite necessity to which I look forward to immensely! All in all, while there were no MK Olsen sightings, the Scottish/Aussie (or maybe he was Kiwi?) dude sure made up for it! Today’s entry includes my first pose of the week: the camel. I was a huge fan of it, as it took pressure off my ready-to-fall-off shoulders.

For those of you out there who have been debating the idea of hot yoga, do it, do it, do it! Yoga to the People is Vinyasa-style, a fast-paced flow that links movement with breath. It’s a style I recommend over Bikrim, which is a stricter practice. Just follow these rules: (1) Drink at least three full Nalgenes on the day you’re taking the class. I drank one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one between 5 and 6 PM. (The class was at 6). Then take a full bottle into class with you and hydrate throughout with little sips as opposed to giant gulps. (2) Since you sweat a LOT, up your sodium and potassium intake on class days. I drank a can of V8 with breakfast and lunch to ensure that I was sufficient in my intake. I also took a multivitamin with lunch, though that’s a daily occurrence. (3) I learned this from my new yoga friend, E: If you start to feel light headed, refrain from pushing yourself. Retreat to child’s pose and concentrate on breathing to slow your heart rate back down instead of bursting out of the room. The drastic temperature change isn’t healthy.

Good luck, enjoy, and tell me how you like it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Spotted (again)

Now, for all you “Hills” fans out there, let me tell you a-something: Kelly Cutrone looks as terrible in person as she does on TV. I made my second “Seventh Ave. Spying” of the summer this morning while booking it to work after my train in from the isla was cancelled. The bi-coastal B*+$% of People’s Revolution, the fashion PR firm that “employed” cast members LC, Whitney Port, and -- very briefly – Stephanie Pratt, was dressed quite unfashionably in jeans and a baggy blue t-shirt. I hope she was coming from a jog at the gym or, better yet, a yoga class – the woman needs to chill! I always felt that for someone whose career revolves around appearances and aesthetics, Kelly looked a bit too unkempt during each episode. And after this morning’s sprint to work, my suspicion was oh so confirmed. I wonder who I will spy next week… or today, for that matter! Apparently, MK Olsen frequents Yoga to the People (I don’t know why. The Michelle Tanner in her could afford much, much more than the “charming” but still very fabulous 6th Ave. studio.) Maybe I’ll have a story for tomorrow after this evening’s hour of downward dogs and king pigeons!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Once upon a time...

...8:56 AM was an ungodly hour. For most of my college career, I've never spied such an hour, strategically scheduling my classes and commitments for no earlier than 11 AM. Now, though, 8:53 is my new 11. After waking up at 6:15 AM every day (and hitting snooze only once!) for two weeks, this new and early hour doesn't seem so ungodly, which I kind of like! In some sick way, it's almost like sleeping in.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

the aftermath of smoky eyes

It's mornings like these when I really miss my crazy college roomie, JT. Waking up to a sleeping family is just not as fun as re-entering reality with a recap of the previous evening done without ever getting out of bed. Additionally, the aforementioned family failed by allowing me to stroll my house for the entire morning with total raccoon eyes -- a look that is only acceptable between the hours of 10AM and noon in college dorms, when everyone else sports the look, as well. JT always warns me, nonetheless. After getting home from such a fabulous night, all I could do was fall into bed. The eyes had to stay.

I can finally say that I've experienced the hyped hangout that is Calico Jack's. An awesome crowd (definitely bridge and tunnel! Go us!) and lethally cheap drinks combined for an evening of fun with my best friends in the universe. Despite us all attending different colleges and choosing opposite paths in life, we're still an inseparable entourage. I feel bad for the couple who sat with us on the train in. Our loudness was unparalleled. I feel like the luckiest girl to have them!

Aww shucks, look at me being so sappy... XO.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tweet Tweet... It was inevitable.

I did it. I joined Twitter… but strictly for the purpose of following Jill Zarin and Lily Allen. Though they fall among what has grown to be a slew of additional reality stars and hot mess musicians, plus some Twitter-ettes I actually know, a few news sources, and a handful of gossipy goodness. While I don’t know why my own mindless musings would be follow-worthy (my verbose wit (ha.) needs a bit more that 140 characters to make its mark), follow me if you wish. I can’t promise to amuse in the style of Demi and Ashton, or inform a la Perez, but I’ll try nonetheless! Who Twitters out there?!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Times Could Tell

FUN FACT (and loyal intern plug)!

______ Reuters, media giant.

This clue appeared in the infamous crossword of the most recent Sunday Times. It makes me feel so official! =)

a free pizza to go with your beer?!

Tell me something is free, and I am there in a heartbeat. Free happy hour? Please. Free bike tour through Manhattan? I’m already spinning. Free food? Um, have you met me?! According to this NY Times article, all you need to do to get free food in New York City is buy a beer. Make mine a wine, and it’s just music to my ears!

While visiting Florence last Thanksgiving, I couldn’t help but fall in love with appertivo, an Italian tradition in which you buy a drink and enjoy a buffet of fresh pasta, cheese, salad and the like as you imbibe. It’s sort of the Italian version of Happy Hour. Of course, since the bar was in Italy, the food was more than mouthwatering, but the skinny Europeans didn’t overindulge. As I dined with two fellow Stonehill students, we certainly went up for seconds. Ok. Thirds, too. And all I bought was a bellini! Ok. Two. I thought that this concept would never work in our country of obesity and over-eating, but apparently, the idea has traveled across the pond and into some of New York’s most frequented watering holes. A free pizza to go along with a post-work brew? Good thing it’s Thursday. Cheers!


This guide to all things fabulous for a summer in the city could not have come on a better day, as it’s my first DESTINATION THURSDAY. Let’s all golf clap. Ms. Happening Hotness herself, the pint-sized BT, never fails to pull through with creative plans. With this Vanity Fair guide, we too can be just as savvy! The list of Hudson River Flicks looks especially promising. Watching The Wizard of Oz or Sex and the City riverside, on a blanket, under the stars, after work, wine in hand, friends in tow? Precious.

Now, since my GC crew and I have successfully convinced ourselves that we’re socialites for this weekend (but probably not this weekend alone; that’s just how we roll… ha.), I can’t stop myself from shamefully plugging the happy hour that the blue-eyed AC is hosting at Calico Jack’s Cantina. As a weekend destination that I’ve flocked to once before, Calico Jack’s is the type of place you have to visit if you’re newly legal like us. After years of hearing stories of LS’s essential sister-in-law’s Calico Jack’s debauchery, we couldn’t help but feed our intrigue. Upon entering, the air smelled of Fake-ID Heaven, but the mix of dance floor and people-watching lounge made it a spot with tons of potential. The bar also run these “free” happy hour specials all the time, so why not take advantage? Try a fishbowl margarita and see if you make it home in once piece. I’ll let you know how it goes… ;-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


SPOTTED: Black wayfarers. Skinny jeans. Hipster headgear that was not exactly a hat. Squealing tourists.

In Times Square, people photograph the craziest things that, to me, have become relatively unexciting after 21 years. Just this afternoon, as I exited the lobby ready to alleviate my beckoning stomach, I barely gave a second glance to the cluster of people taking a photograph outside the doors that I enter and exit every morning and evening. It’s a good thing I did. You have probably learned by now that I am a reality TV addict. From “Rock of Love” to “The Real World,” I can’t get enough of entertainment that is embarrassing to admit to watching religiously. When I realized that Chet of “The Real World: Brooklyn” was posing with two fans whose own attempts at hipsterness were blinded by the MTV mormon’s signature style, I couldn’t help but stare at the man who is now my fourth real-life “Real World” sighting. With no camera to capture the moment, I creepily watched him turn from 7th to 42nd, on a very clear mission for new wayfarer sunglasses to add to his already overflowing collection.

As for the cast members that I’ve met, I chatted and took a picture with Willie of the Philadelphia season outside the Nederlander Theatre on 41st St. after seeing the Broadway gem Rent for the 3rd time. I took Rachel and Shane of “Road Rules: Campus Crawl” to dinner in my college cafeteria (pathetic, I know) during the spring of my sophomore year at Stonehill. They visited to encourage us to “Rock the Vote,” but it was clear that the presentation’s attendees were just like me and in it for the Q and A session at the end. (We learned some serious dirt on Tanya!) They were both fabulous, crazy, and everything I expected. It’s a shame that Shane is gay. He was too cute for words… ;-) Chet, therefore, marks my fourth MTV “star” sighting, and as long as my obsession (and apparent luck) continues, he surely won’t be my last!

Now, since Shane was the only one of the above four who makes my unofficial “Top Five Reality Stars to Meet” list, I’ve decided to share the remaining four.

1. Rodeo of “Rock of Love.” None of Bret’s romancing hopefuls compares to the cowgirl whose laugh could take over the world with one swift karate chop.

2. Bret Michaels. My friends have threatened to send in an application with my name on it if the rocker attempts to find his “rock” again. Though that means no more “Rock of Love,” since my preppy clothes and corporate summer obviously fit in with his rocker vibe.

3. Shane. DONZO!

4. Jill Zarin, the ginger-haired housewife of NYC and fellow Long Island native.

5. Teresa from the housewives of New Jersey.

And as an unofficial 6th, Brody Jenner. How could you not want to be in his presence?

Yours in patheticness,


minus A

I doubt that anyone who is not a fan of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” could tolerate my blog. I talk about the show so -- or more like way too -- much! Last night’s episode, watched in my movie theatre of a basement (ha.) with a posse of Jersey-girl impostors, was entertaining as ever without bring much of anything new to the table. Danielle still caused drama; Caroline still couldn’t stop talking about her family; Teresa finally got the long-awaited bubbies; Dina went tanning; Jacqueline contemplated the friends vs. family debacle. But what was most amusing about the hour of marvelously mindless television was the show’s final 20 minutes, in which all the housewives (except Danielle, of course, as she’s got more drama than Franklin Lakes can handle) accompanied Teresa on her departure from the valley of what she referred to as “Minus A.” Of course, this enlarging experience was preceded by a conversation between Danielle and her “juicy and delicious” husband at an (obviously) Italian restaurant, in which the “entrepreneur” himself debated his wife’s potential plastic surgery with his wannabe showgirl daughter, the scene-stealing, seven-year-old Gia. I don’t know what I’m going to do after next week’s season finale. I might have to take up knitting or something…

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

giveaway galore!!

Fantabulously Frugal is hosting a tres fab giveaway. Head on over to try your luck, and please mention that I sent you! =)

rah rah for routine

As much as I am a fan of the “big things” in life, the little things [almost!] please me just as much. Getting the elevator door held. Hearing a stranger say “Bless you!” after I sneeze. Reading a comment on my blog. =) Having a routine. (Key word.) As much as my two weeks in limbo between final exams and my internship were relaxing and enjoyable, I prefer my time to be a bit more scheduled. By no means am I the anal retentive type, but an organized life means a happy KR. Therefore, I’ve decided to give a little “routine” to my blog. I’ve noticed that a few fabulous bloggers out there have some “routine” posts, and I think the concept really helps to enhance their blogs. (Check out Yellow Brick Blog’s “Forever Frugal Friday,” a charmingly alliterative notification of her favorite cheap finds of the week.) So, in an effort to hopefully up my readership, but mostly for my own enjoyment, I’m going to start two little routine “columns” within my blog:

1. In light of my new Monday night yoga class, I’m going to post a weekly posture that I find particularly awesome, challenging, confusing, fun, stretchy, etc. Maybe you’ll all consider trying them out!

2. Since I live for my weekends, “Destination Thursday” will review or discuss a place I’ve been or plan to go, from bars to cities and from restaurants to beaches.

I’m really looking forward to this addition. Thursday marks day one of my new little “routine,” so keep posted!

9:34 AM is messing with my head

It was a dark and stormy night… or so you would think! The only word to describe New York at the moment is ominous! With the recent spike in subway fare from a manageable $2.00 to a not-much-more-but-still-crazy-irritating $2.50, I start every morning with a brisk walk from Penn Station to Times Square. On a sunny day, I find myself almost instantaneously settled in my cube, since, if necessary, I can make my stroll in about seven minutes. This morning, however, that was certainly not the case. By the time I hit 36th St., I was already cursing myself for not taking the subway. “It’s only one stop! Make the walk,” said one side of my head. “It’s a friggin’ monsoon, KR. Swipe your MetroCard and look presentable.” I should have listened to her. Currently, I am drenched from head to toe. My pink raincoat majorly failed, leaving me with a saturated white (white!) button down. My black pants (yeah, I’m dressed kind of boring today, but it’s raining!) are still sticking to me. I dumped two puddles from my Reva heels. The contents of my tote have seen better and drier days.

I really need to dry off.

On a happier note, I'm a few posts from 100! =)

Monday, June 8, 2009


The next time I head to Yoga to the People for an hour of power yoga, remind me to bring a change of clothes. Not wanting to force my sweat-drenched body into my work dress, I made my way from the studio to Penn Station looking a tad indecent in gray yoga pants and a striped tank -- two articles that looked like they accompanied me and my dripping hair at the SoHo House for a post-work rooftop swim. (If only!) Indecency aside, I highly, highly, highly recommend this place, though it was certainly packed to the max. I ubitasa-ed along with about 50 other yogis in a 105 degree room. The extra body heat made it the toughest class of my life, but that helped me feel all the better as I proudly exited, toxin-free. Best of all, I only counted one yoga snob among the crowd! Students were both male and female, and all seemed to be in their early 20s. What I also loved was that leaving mid-class to get some air, or taking a break from downward dog to relax in child's pose was completely encouraged. I was especially thankful to escape for a few minutes to down three bottles of water when the heat took its toll. (Nurse, aunt, and avid blog reader KK is probably freaking out right now... I made it out alive, though, didn't I?!) Lightheadedness aside, I loved the class, and plan on making it my Monday night ritual for the rest of the summer.

This Friday marks the infamous Calico Jack's happy hour. Apparently, a simple name drop at the door is all that's necessary, so we have all been spreading the word, pretending to be socialites, and planning a party better than Jill Zarin. On the topic of the most fabulous New York City housewife, I am in an insufferable state of jealousy for the fact that my dear friend JB MET Jill yesterday when he partied like a rock star at the Tony Awards. But even worse than that is the fact that he got to see BRET MICHAELS! Granted, the Poison frontman was clotheslined by a piece of descending scenery, but STILL! I have a really strange obsession with the bandana-wearing, STD-ridden, love-rocking musician and reality TV personality, and have sent my genuine condolences for his speedy recovery out into the universe. Oh jeez...

Have a great week, everyone!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

those flashing lights

Here's a little taste of where my name was flashing for all of Times Square to see this Monday, right on the corner of 42nd St. and 7th Ave. (All of the New York interns' names were listed and scrolled through marquee-style during the morning! How cool is that?!) Of course, I had to go inside to submit paperwork before I could see my actual name, but I imagine it was oh so awesome! (Photo credit to my fellow 3rd floor intern, Vineet!)

On the topic of interns, it's quite a crazy adjustment to go from interning with just one other person, to a group of 130. Last year at Zoom, I was always entertained by the fabulous Brooklynite NB. As irreplaceable as she is (can you tell she reads this blog? xoxo), it's a really interesting experience to work with so many incredibly diverse and intelligent students and recent graduates. 30% are international, and probably the same percentage (or more...oy!) are Ivy leaguers. Mad props to all of them, but I still wear my Stonehill spirit proudly! =)

I just can't seem to stop blogging today... XOXO

a post with more of a point

[[Disclaimer: Following my last bit of mumbo jumbo, here's an entry with a little more depth!]]

Following my first work-survived Friday, I decided that celebrations were in order, so where better to do so than at Clothingline for the Tory Burch sample sale? I had zero time to shop 'til I dropped earlier in the week, so I beelined out of Times Square, bound for 36th street, just as the five o'clock hour hit. Still in stilettos, I made it to the second floor space in less than ten minutes, and wasted no time to begin searching the racks for some ultra bargains. While the items were certainly picked over, as is only acceptable during the sale's final hour, I still exited with two fabulous finds: a military-style navy blazer with 3/4 sleeves (tres cute!), and a hippie-print blue and purple dress with a ruffly hem at the knee (tres cuter!). At full retail value, my credit card would have suffered and unsufferable (and perhaps unswipeable) $700, but in true KR style, I paid a sweet $179 for both! It was such a successful purchase, and definitely my next ensemble for a post-work happy hour!

For you New Yorkers out there, I am sure you have just loved the weather this week as much as I have. Psh! The rain really spoiled my Friday night plans, as my hometown throws a fantastic festival the night before the Belmont Stakes. However, my friends and I worked with Mother Nature, substituting a night of drinking wine on a closed-off street with a sushi dinner and girly movie... with wine still present, of course. While it kind of drives me insane (well, just Ginnifer Goodwin's character), He's Just Not That Into You still oozed charm and one can't help but find it to be a precious story in the end. I had fun, though my exhaustion set in, made very clear by my -- unbeknown to me -- toppling onto AC's shoulder in a deep, deep sleep. It was a good nap, what can I say!

This weekend marks the marathon weekend of graduation parties, and thankfully, Mr. Sun decided to bust out from hibernation. I'm wearing my new Lilly shift -- a "goal" dress which essentially fits -- to AC's this afternoon. I'm as excited for my new dress as I am for the party. Is that bad? Tomorrow is DA's event, and the fact that I don't have to wear "work" clothes will continue to carry my lifted spirits throughout the duration of the weekend.

Though as exciting as this weekend is going to be, I can't help but dream and pray over what will be happening next Saturday night. While barhopping with my single ladies a few weeks ago, we all entered to win a free happy hour at a Murray Hill bar. The darling Miss AC won, and she now gets to reel in an entourage to participate in the debauchery-filled festivities. Hello! We never win anything, so this is definitely going to be an all-out night!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 5, 2009

heels, puddles, and no more qualms

Alive and kicking, yes. That is still my current status, despite my brief, first-week-of-work-induced hiatus from bloggyland. My internship is faaaabbbbulous; the only thing I can’t stand is the fact that my ID card won’t work (it can take up to a WEEK to activate!), which therefore leaves me stranded in the elevator bank on the 3rd floor until someone enters or exits to let me into the department. The security guys at the desk pretty much know me by name already, as I give them a knowing wave each morning, to which they subsequently buzz me through to the speediest elevator known to man. My stomach drops with each journey. I love it.

Here’s a little list of what I’ve been up to/what things are like/etc. I’ll start with the fun stuff.

This morning, I successfully commuted in heels. It began with a two-legged sprint to the train, and ended with a 10 minute strut down 7th Ave. in which I avoided puddles like the plague and played with fire as my heel got caught on a vent. My darling little nude colored Mark Jacobs Mary Janes (my most recent Century 21 purchase, which I love, love, love!) suffered a slight bruising, but it’s nothing my mom’s trusty shoemaker can’t fix. I was really proud of myself for making the trek without a pair of flats on call. Granted, my tootsies are bandaged to the max so as to prevent blistering, but I still made it. Go me!

On day four, my boss hosted a 3rd floor happy hour. The wine was delish, but my tiny dragon roll of a lunch limited my intake. I was told my cheeks had their characteristically rosy glow. Also, in a miraculous visit, the CEO attended. I almost said hi. Imagine that? I would have been the coolest intern. Damn.

I’m pretty much the only girl on my floor. By day three, I figured the gents were ready for some pink. Upon entering, my boss said, “Kaitlyn, you look like Elle Woods.” I had to tell him about my obsession.

To kill time between work and BT’s birthday bash dinner at Caliente Cab, I made an appearance at Laughing Lotus Yoga. The attendees were a little too yoga-snobby for me, but the teacher was great and I had a nice, relaxing, and hip-opening time. The nakedness in the dressing room was a tad overkill, however. I’m trying out Yoga To the People on Monday, which is closer to my office and therefore a little more convenient.

After work happy hour, I took the train home and reconnected with my high school entourage after four days of separation, which is a lot considering our inseparability over the past few weeks. We discovered Jack Duggan’s, and relished in their “Recession Thursday” special of $1 domestic drafts and $3 well drinks. Yummilicious.

The Housewives of the dirty jerz never fail to amuse me. I’m hosting a wine social for the finale.

There is so much more to tell. Keep posted!

Love, heels, picture frames, and my very own cube,