Tuesday, June 16, 2009

check her out!

Anyone who calls me Elle Wood’s twin deserves her own post. (While I’m too Irish to go blonde, I must agree that it’s a pretty accurate statement in all areas besides my brunette coif!) My intern pal from my days at Zoom has started a long-awaited blog that you should all check out! I’ve mentioned her before: NB, the feisty and fabulous Brooklynite with style to impress and stories to tell, kept me consistently entertained and in the know of all things fabulous in NYC every day during the far less rainy summer of 2008. Her blog theme is really clever: she’s posting a “thing” of the day that ranges from a specific blog or news article to a delicious pair of heels or a lethal new cocktail (By the way, she’s Russian.). Check her out!


Arianna Belle said...

i can see the similarities to Reese Witherspoon :-)

NB said...

youre the best =)