Friday, June 19, 2009


When a brogue-speaking bartender hands you your pint, it taste so much better – and that is coming from a girl who can’t even stomach the smell of even the classiest beer (If classy beer even exists, that is; I’m a cider gal!). For the past two evenings, I spend my post-work hours at The Perfect Pint, which is seriously a boys dream. Over 30 beers on tap and a slew of appetizers that go a few steps beyond pub grub, this place certain certainly does serve the perfect pint – a pint enhanced by good company and conversation.

Wednesday marked an evening with fellow and fabulous blogger, SA, and her posse of friends and family. A Stonehill graduate, SA made her mark on our fair school back when the child M.D. was the hottest doc on TV. After meeting her in NYC during a networking event, we then reconnected over Busch lights during Stonehill’s Spring Weekend (Oh Nostalgia.). Upon her exit, my housemates KA and DT vowed to grow up to be “as cool as SA” when they hit their 30s. I certainly hope we can… I’d say we’re on the right track! ;-)

Yesterday night, in full celebration of fellow intern (but not for long!) CA’s promotion to a full-time, benefits-receiving employee, TPP was the perfect spot. But what was even more perfect was that CA picked up the tab with his fancy new salary. I’m tres jealous. Though I also received my first intern pay check yesterday night, and was happier than a Jersey girl in a jewelry store upon opening it! Seeing the rewards of hard work and motivation keeps me plugging through the days!

This weekend (READ: a delayed DESTINATION THURSDAY) marks the birthday of the lovely LS, so knowing her love of Manhattan antics, we’ll be gallivanting somewhere fun and fabulous! It also marks the arrival of the Arizona relatives. My aunt, uncle, and their too-cute-for-words son and daughter arrived last night in a rainy JFK, so I’m taking the earliest train home so I can in order to see and squeeze them all ASAP tonight! Aww, so much family LOVE!

Closing remarks: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LS, and an even HAPPIER FRIDAY to all!