Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Since I've missed this so much...

I will forewarn you right now that my life on the New York isle and in the Stonehill bubble is far less fascinating than the existence I led while continent hopping in Europe. However, since I've missed my little pink and green sanctuary in the land of Blogger so dearly, I just may have to continue blogging myself through my junior year of college.

Things you missed since my last blog:

-I successfully made my hyped solo trip to Italy. The pictures speak for themselves. The food was too delicious for my own good. (Hence # )
-I consolidated three bags into two in the Heathrow lobby. How, you ask? I wore eight sweaters through security, two of which were straight from InishMor, off the coast of Galway.
-I beat my jetlag. Finally. Non-stop Christmas parties and a trip to see "The Nutcracker" in Lincoln Center got in the way, but no complaints. They were fun times!
-I survived Christmas, scored some sweet loot, and replenished funds.
-I started Blackberrying. It's more addicting than smoking. (Not that I would know, but I think I imagine pretty accurately.)
-I applied to some summer interships. By some, I mean the only TWO available. Barack better get on his game and take us out of this 1930s state we currently inhabit...
-I submitted some Europe shots to a photo contest. Here's hoping!

And most importantly...

- I purchased a coat that is the fabric equivalent of all things Kaitlyn Rose. Anyone laughing?

I head back to Stonehill on SUNDAY! The countdown is ON!