Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's hard to believe that a new decade will be upon us in a few hours. I expect 2010 to bring lots of excitement to the vida loca of KR: college graduation, my first real job, [maybe] my first apartment... 2009 -- and the first decade of the third millennium overall -- was filled with lots of noteworthy events. Let's discuss five of the best things that happened between Y2K and today!

1. Rock of Love, Rock of Love 2, Rock of Love Bus, The Real Housewives [of New Jersey...], Project Runway, Real World/Road Rules Challenges, Jersey Shore... The reality TV of the '00s revolutionized my viewing habits. Call me a junkie all you want -- it's an addition that causes no harm but the occasional killed brain cell by way of dumb blonds who vye for the love of a has-been rocker and Jersey girls whose over-use of hairspray can be smelled through the TV. And I love every second of it.

2. Stonehill became my second home. Purple became a way of life. My friends became my family.

3. European excursions turned me into a complete travel bug. The world is quite different on that side of the pond, but even more surprisingly, I was different person, as well: black was a wardrobe staple of mine. London wasn't ready for pink. Luckily, I was there a mere three months. I wore pink on my flight home.

4. Tights became trendy again. They do wonders for a winter wardrobe. I bow down at them. Really. I do.

5. My 200th blog post. Voila!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ca$h money

Lets attend an opulent New Year's Eve party so we can briefly ignore the horror of our impending poverty

First resolution for the year 2010: Learn to shop from my closet. Good news -- I'm well on my way! After an afternoon of shopping out on the mean streets of Long Island, I resorted that my inability to find "the" perfect New Year's Eve dress was a sign that something better resides in my closet. Sure enough, it does... but in my DORM ROOM closet! Now it's time to get a little crafty with what I've got...

Watching a Movie With Me... and Jude Law

Watching a movie with me is pretty disastrous when you're looking to get really "into a film." (Also, who says "film" these days anyways?) I don't know the meaning of "be quiet!" and I always have questions about the plot, characters, or where I saw a certain actor or actress before. Plus, my attention span is a tad limited, and I have a tendency to fall asleep mid-movie. However, for the few movies that I actually find myself "getting into," kicking back with some popcorn alongside yours truly can actually be pretty fun! Case in point: yesterday night, my fellow and fabulous KR and I had a hot date to see Sherlock Holmes. Clearly, I was in it for the Jude Law scenes -- of which there were many, by the way! Robert Downey, Jr. played the famous detective with a Jack Sparrow-esque swaggar, while the overly attractive Brit donned a 'stache and played the perfect sidekick of Mr. Watson. While the plot was a bit convoluted, my attention was hooked from the get-go: I mean, let's be serious here: how can you fall asleep in front of a movie when Jude Law is on screen?!

Today, I'm off to another, even hotter date with my new boyfriend, Jim. And by Jim, I mean gym. Any by hotter, I mean the uncomfortable, get-me-off-this-freaking-treadmill kind. Hey, maybe my new "toned" and terrific self will make Mr. Law leave Siena for a second time...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Fail of the Day

On a whim, Mamaduke suggested that I make a lunch reservation at the one semi-fancy restaurant in the semi-boonie town of Easton, MA for the big graduation day... which is more than FIVE months away. Apparently, all the other mamadukes of Stonehill's 2010 class had the same idea: the place is already booked solid! What a fail!

On the upside, though, tonight, my friends and I are off to Novita, a place I blogged about frequently when I was a semi-regular during my summer "daze." Winos unite: this place has an unbeatable selection. I might even depart from my go-to glass of Graff Riesling Spatlese and try something new.

In other news, my new place to visit this break is Pipa, a tapas y mas restaurant in the Flatiron District. While Christmas shopping last week, I spied through the window of the hotspot and was sold by the restaurant's ceiling: it's entirely covered in chandeliers! I was sold. Who wants to go!?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A big announcment

Ladies and gentlemen, I am in love. Seriously! The irresistible combination of brown eyes and brown hair has never been so perfectly presented. Obviously, the newest object of my lust has me completely head-over-heals -- and armed with a [not so] new life mission. He's 6'2" of divine man. And, he's also a New York Ranger. While I never really toyed with the idea of dating a Canadian, I might have to open my romantic prospects to new, international avenues for the next decade to accommodate the Kanuk. Therefore, life goal #327, DATE A NEW YORK RANGER, has been altered to read DATE DAN GIRARDI. Number 5 never looked so good! We first fell in love when we made blissful eye contact: I gazed into his stunning peepers, so magically magnified on the screen atop the ice in Madison Square Garden, as the television-version of his brown beauties hypnotized me. It was a perfect start to the game. I plan to scare his girlfriend away with my signature Long Island Death Stare, and swoop in for the steal, dressed to kill in killer heals, and armed with an arsenal of hockey trivia that would make even Wayne Gretzky proud. It's a sure fire plan.

Let's back track for a minute, though. I never, ever write about sports, so I should explain myself a bit. My love of the New York Rangers was instilled at a young age, simultaneously alongside an intense hatred for the New York Islanders. My die-hard, season-ticket holding superfan of a father would have it no other way; to support the Islanders would be to eat the forbidden fruit -- you just don't do it! Therefore, I took a liking to Jeff Beukeboom, the big, bold #23 (who, like my new love, was also a defenseman from Canada), and rooted for the team alongside my dad throughout my childhood. I even named my first goldfish Beuk after the aforementioned enforcer of the Rangers' 1994 Stanley Cup-winning team. (Beuk only lived two weeks; our affair was brief but beautiful.) Anyhow, years went on, and despite the NHL's diva stint a few years back, I remained a blueshirt faithful. So, this year, in giving the Christmas present to top all Christmas presents, I gave Dad and the sis tickets to the day-after-Christmas game. And it wasn't just any game: it was a rivalry-ridden Rangers-Islanders face-off. Clearly, I had to buy myself a ticket, too.

Two minutes into the game, hotshot Sean Avery, notoriously known for being the most hated player in the league, was already beating the guts out of the first Islander who checked him into the boards. Apparently, the crowd at the game was the rowdiest the Garden has seen all season. I like to think it's because we were in town, egging Avery to continue his nasty -- but highly entertaining -- style of play. (Ironically, the fist-punching, trash-talking, screen-setting player also has a keen interest in fashion, so he is another Ranger that I'd consider dating to fulfill Life Goal #327. However, as a blue-eyed beauty with a metrosexual swaggar, he's not so much my type. For now, I'll stick with Mr. Girardi, who would probably buy me shoes and boots and bags and more, rather than suggest the trendiest way to accessorize.)

While the game didn't have a happy ending (the Rangers tied with 46 seconds left in the third period, but were brutally robbed in sudden death, four-on-four overtime), Dad, AR, and I had an awesome time. We screamed, we cheered, we high-fived, and we joined with others who believe that the Rangers can once again shower New York City with tears of joy after winning the Stanley Cup again. And you can bet that I'll be wearing #5 when they do so!

Also, to prove that I haven't gone totally "boy" on you, I have to mention yesterday's dinner! On a whim, the fam and I attempted to get a table at Becco, the famous Chef Lidia's Hell's Kitchen restaurant. Sure enough, we were graced with a seat and chowed down on the spot's specialty Sinfonia di Pasta, which I assume is the reason why most Becco reservations come with a one-month wait: for $23, you get UNLIMITED quantities of THREE DIFFERENT pastas, following complimentary bread, olives, salad, and antipasto. The vino was gooooooooooooooood, too, which made the experience even better.

Tomorrow, I'll write about shoes or something. I need to counterbalance all this hockey chatter!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

As predicted, I can't say I've done anything that screams "I HAVE TOTALLY GOT TO BLOG ABOUT THIS" since I've been home, but regardless, the past week has been a pretty fabulous start to my month-long Christmas Vacation. In summary:

-I watched all 13 episodes of Glee via an assorted collection of media streaming websites, and experienced 13 kinds of my own personal glee in the process. Maybe it's because I, too, was a complete theatre nerd in high school, or because I now have a whole new repertoire of shower songs, or because that guy who plays Finn is seriously dreamy, but Glee is some quality TV.

-I spent an afternoon with BT gallivanting through SoHo. After lunch at a hole-in-the-wall cafe, we zigged and we zagged through each block of Manhattan's chicest neighborhood, window shopping, people-watching, and trend-spotting. Speaking of trends, I made an impulse purchase of Madewell's "Ex-Boyfriend Jean." Ripped, rugged, and ready to hear Dad's "Why-the-heck-did-you-pay-for-jeans-that-are-ripped" commentary, they're awesome in the "these-are-so-not-me-but-I-still-love-them" kind of way.

-AC hosted her traditional Christmas bash, complete with baked brie, red velvet cake, Veuve Cliquot (compliments of ML), and a music mix of Mariah, Britney, Kelly, and all the other gals we've grown up with. The highlight of the evening was, by far, was the C family tree: fresh from a forest chop-down, it filled two-thirds of her living room.

Have a WONDERFUL Christmas! =)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Everything short of a sailboat

Two cars, four trains, and some oh so necessary Taco Bell later, I made it back to New York, finals free and relaxation ready -- just in time for the blizzard that is currently blanketing Long Island with fluffy, plan-canceling snow. But Brooklyn terrace parties and roof top mingling with D-list celebrities aside, my trip back to the isla larga was fairly eventful. Here are some highlights from the epic journey:

Car ride #1: JT drove her silver Chevy Equinox, which will henceforth be referred to as Mikey, by the way. JT played too much country music. JT wore and communicated via a blue tooth ear piece. I made fun of the blue tooth ear piece, text message-confirmed plans to ski down Stonehill's Donahue Hill, perfected my performance of the gibberish-sounding part of GaGa's Bad Romance, and wished NB a Happy Hanukkah. (NB acknowledged the fact that she's my token Jewish friend. Awwwwwwww.) Best of all, though, when JT made the necessary switch from country classics to radio show-stoppers, Empire State of Mind came on Z100, just seconds before we traversed the Connecticut-New York Border. We sang along as the Concrete Jungle welcomed us home.

Train ride #1: Upon the MetroNorth from Croton-Harmon station in Westchester County, Grand Central Terminal bound, I sat alongside Christian Siriano's voice twin. Take that as you wish. It was nothing short of amazing. Though his voice twin wasn't nearly as stylish as Project Runway's favorite tranny, he was still pretty flipping fabulous! I also passed Ossining Station and felt like I was Don Draper, fresh from an extramarital tryst. It made me feel a lot more glamorous. (And for the record, I just had to sing "Glamorous" in my head to spell that right... Come on, my brain is FRIED!)

Train ride #2: I'm a Penn Station gal through and through, but HOT DAMN: Grand Central looks GORGEOUS around the holidays. I almost took a picture of the decorations, but had to regress: I already looked like enough of a tourist with a Vera Bradley duffel on one arm, and a Vineyard Vines tote on the other, despite the fact that I was donning my ferociously chic, yet slightly lumberjack-esque, Italian leather boots. (I felt so Serena van der Woodsen, circa the first episode of Gossip Girl!) And yeah, I made it to the Times Square shuttle alright. Obviously, it was not on time.

Train Ride #3: Times Square Station at 9:30 PM. Mad dash to the downtown 123 train. Squeezed in just in time. Sat next to a he-she wearing an eye patch. Enough said. I surprisingly wasn't pick-pocketed, despite the fact that my wallet was pretty visibly snatchable in Manhattan's busiest subway stop. Note to self: improve money-guarding capabilities. You shop and spend too much to make "donations" to NYC's less-than-stellar, Artful Dodger-emulating characters.

Train Ride #4: Ah, the good ol' Long Island Railroad. Ah, good ol' policy activity in Jamaica station. Hey, at least I didn't sleep through the drama... ;-)

Car ride #2: Dad was waiting for me as I got off the train. I sat shotgun as we drove the treacherous two blocks home together.

So there you have it: I took everything short of a sailboat to get home. We'll see if anything blog-worthy comes up while I'm snowed in for the nest few days...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The girl is a machine

Ginger-haired genius CO'C is a long-time pal of mine who is currently a first-year med student at Northwestern University. If someone should blog, it's this chick. Her [condensed] posts would go something like this:

December 15th: Huge anatomy final tomorrow. I'm going on a pub crawl through Chi town to prepare.
December 16th: Went for a run along the pier before my final. Such a beautiful sunrise. I LOVE LIFE!
December 17th: Just read and replied to 150 e-mails. I love gchat and checking everything off my to do list. I LOVE LIFE!
December 18th: Just bought tickets to see some random indie band that no one's ever heard of at a venue that no one's ever heard of in celebration of the A+ I just got on the anatomy test I didn't study for.
December 17th (one year later): That random indie band that no one's ever heard of and that random venue that no one's ever heard of are now all the rage! The band is even performing at my "I Cured AIDS Party!" I LOVE LIFE!

Despite jokes that the girl is a machine, I think what keeps her going is her eternal optimism. This Christmas season, I urge you to all embrace the CO'C way. I have no doubts that the aforementioned celebration of a cure for AIDS will certainly involve my favorite ginger's intelligence. Here's a little snippet from a quick chat we had today:

CO'C: test in 15 hours. am i currently: (a) studying diligently; (b) aimlessly surfing the internet; (c) christmas shopping; or (d) drinking?
KR: d. duh.

haha b, c, AND d actually

though im late for the d

What a gal.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Achieving the Impossible

I like to think of myself as a pretty responsible person. While, much to Mamaduke's dismay, I'll still rage the weekend away despite the onset of a cold, or navigate the labyrinth of a subway system in NYC while flying solo, most of the time, I make the right decisions. Namely, I'm often a champ at staying on top of my work, despite countless commitments that keep me busier than the gift wrap department at Macy*s on December 24th. However, this semester, I was hit with more work during finals that I've ever had in my four years at Stonehill. Somehow, though, I made it through: my 15 page Shakespearean analysis of Romeo and Mercutio's homosocial bond (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) is closerthanthis to completion, and I couldn't be any happier!

PS: This procrastination post goes out to DS and JD, two strapping young Stonehill gents who helped me maintain a moderate semblence of sanity as I spent my day in a deep, academic trance... Yeah. Right. ;-)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

the divine accent

Here's a little snippet of something that helped me smile today: "I just said 'dog' in the worst NY accent I've ever had. It's seriously time to come home." I may have mentioned before that my darling friend LS is a current Vet school student at Ross University... in the Caribbean. For the first time in my life, I'm happy for the snow, slush, rain, and wind of Easton, MA. Beachy breezes would be far too distracting to the 21 pages I'm yet to write, and the remaining two exams I'm yet to take.

And, to top things off, I drank coffee today for the first time in about three months. My hands won't stop shaking.

On the upside, though, I think I'm very well fueled for the all-nighter that might have to occur...

Three days left, and three weeks worth of work to complete... See you on Wednesday!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


The only thing getting me through the next week of endless tests, papers, stress, and sleepless nights is the Tory Burch sample sale that I'll be attending less than 12 hours into my one-month return to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. And perhaps this video, too. It's an oldie but goodie that pretty much sums up the magic of knowing a true Brooklynite around Christmastime.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


The show was a HUGE success and by far my favorite college experience to date. The boys were too cute. I'm in such withdrawal!!!!! =( Here's a little pic of the hosts of the event. Arent' we precious!?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Buying into the bootie trend

...via eBay, of course! I don't know if I've mentioned my absolute love for the online auction site on my "creative outlet" here or not, but take this post as a prime example of my appreciation for the site that's a musical click to any recessionista's ear. These Tory Burch "Leigh" boots were a friggin' steal! Any mix of beastiality (hello croco print!) and patent leather is per-fec-tion!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

lily allen + glee

Lily Allen is easily a concrete fixture on my top-five list of musicians. She's brutal, she's honest, she's a Perez Hilton regular, and she's hilarious, so what's not to love? (Joining Ms. Allen on that list is Billy (duh), followed by the Goo Goo Dolls, Gin Blossoms, and The Beatles. What can I say -- I'm an old man who loves the era of acid wash jeans, sprinkled with a bit of millennial, girly angst!) Lily's songs are just about as inappropriate as that green dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammys, back when P. Diddy was both Puff Daddy and dirty ridin' lover to the aforementioned Jenny from the Block. But let's think for a minute: J.Lo would still be roughin' it in the South Side Bronx if not for that scandalous dress and its infamously plunging neckline.

In the same fashion, Lily pushes musical boundaries, and it gets her noticed. Smile, which is probably the one Lily Allen song with only one explicative, was featured on tonight's episode of Glee. (Of course, the word "kissing" was substituted for something else. Use your imagination. This is a PG blog whose most loyal readers are Mamaduke and Aunt K.) While I'm no "gleek" (yet... hulu and I have a marathon date over Christmas break), the pop covers on the show are quite amazing. I was very psyched when ML texted me about my favorite Brit's showstopper on the musical dramedy this evening. Enjoy! I hope it makes you smile! It certainly helped me cope with the recent announcment of Ms. Allen's finito singing career. :-(

Monday, November 30, 2009

My Dream Studio

During my weekend of pre-mature, virtual real estate hunting -- done in between my plethora of post-swine coughs and sniffles -- I stumbled upon this Pinapple Street studio in Brooklyn Heights. There's just something about that little sleeping loft that has me visiting this listing each day... And look at that wood floor! Can you imagine all the twirls and spins and attempts at dancing that could take place?! They don't call it a studio for nothing...

Anyone have a spare $365,000 on hand? ;-)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

On the topic of 20-something apartments...

In honor of today's impromptu decorating theme, I figured I'd share this wallpaper that I've been eying. I know wallpaper is kind of out-dated, but to me, nothing is worse than a bare wall (x2 if it's white. I'm no minimalist.) I'd use this paper to add some French Country flourish to the "spa" of my Brooklyn studio. My fingers are crossed for a July 1st move-in, so a toile-themed bathroom just might be in my not-so-distant future!

I know I'm getting ahead of myself... but window shopping ain't no crime!

Brooklyn, we go hard

A while back, I spied this nifty print map of Brooklyn, and have been on a mission to find the artist ever since. Thank-you, L.A. Times, for bringing me to the world of Ork Posters. A Chicago-based, one-woman company, Ork sells distorted maps of cities ranging from the Big Apple to LaLa Land. They're modern, marvelous, and perfect for adding a little extra frosting to a 20-something's studio apartment. Priced at about $22, the posters have the charm of "styled bedhead." What I mean is, the "my-hair-looks-like-I-just-hopped-out-of-bed" look seems effortlessly chic, despite the fact that we (meaning the fabulous few of us who are not soul-sold slaves to permanently straightened locks!) suffer curling iron wrist cramps and intentionally placed flyaways to achieve that tousled, who-the-heck-cares kind of coif charisma. Similarly, these posters are jumbled, messy, and generally mishmoshed -- but they're filled with such unique character, it's impossible not to find them Christmas list-worthy. For you Bostonians out there, the Beantown variety is particularly fabulous...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving in numbers

10: The number of people in attendance at yesterday's Thanksgiving dinner
2: The number of heaping portions of stuffing that took over my plate
9: The number of hours of sleep my tryptophan coma blessed me with
14: The number of vegetable varieties that graced the table
25: The number of minutes spent talking about Jon Gosselin's shortcomings
10: The number of pages paper-writing I've got under my belt this weekend...

I hope your Thanksgivings were as delicious as mine was! I'm still full. Well, technically, that's a lie, but considering how much food I downed, I should be sated for the next seven years. I've got some massive assignments coming up in the next week, so a book-hitting night is in my future this evening. I can blow off some steam tomorrow, though! The ferocious RJ is turning a ripe 22, so we're celebrating his birth and heritage at Radegast Hall & Biergarten... though not before I scour the streets of Williamsburg for some vintage finds to add to my collection! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ode to BL... and Running

"So, in my hardcore, regimented training for the ever so intense Thanksgiving day Turkey Trot, I was running ferociously through the concrete jungle of Brooklyn. I was dodging moving vehicles and pesky pedestrians until I graciously fell onto the sidewalk and landed on my ankle."

Luckily, that run-with-a-bad-ending was not a fixture of my afternoon yesterday. As much as I long for my attempts at jogging to encompass strides through the aforementioned "concrete jungle," I can barely handle attempting to look like a gazelle as I leap across campus for a quick 5k loop. (Okay, it's really more like 1.25K. But I'm getting there!) Sadly, though, the news of that sprained ankle belongs to my dear friend and fellow Turkey Trotter, BL. BL, a J. Crew aficionada who is a medical school student by day and Irish lassie by night, is buckets of fabulous, which makes her oh so deserving of a "Get Well" post. BL, I send you best wishes for a speedy recovery of your lateral collateral ligament of your left ankle joint. Woah -- look whose a med student now!

PS, The image pictured above is "The Gazelle," some infomercial excuse for an affordable at-home elliptical machine. I have to admit that I tried using it back in the day and have forever wanted one for my family's basement. I felt like I was flying! Though that probably also means that no toning, calorie-burning, or sculpting was taking place, either...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

red, red, red

Ever since I purchased the perfect shade of pink lipstick, I've been on a new mission to stalk down a shade of red that screams "starlet," and not "streetwalker." Maybe it's all the Mad Men I've been watching lately, but I have a new appreciation for adding some extra punch to my pout. Lipstick always seemed a little too "old" for a college gal such as myself to sport, but I'm quite pleased with the effect a little extra oomph can have in the lip department, especially when you've got a paler complexion (I heart SPF!). With the holidays approaching, a little experimentation with crimson coloring might not be so bad, especially since I die over occasions that involve dressing and primping to the nines! Any suggestions on a shade of red that won't make me look straight out of Les Miserables? I hear M.A.C.'s Ruby Woo is top-notch...

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Perks of Having Swine Flu, Edition 2

Despite Mamaduke's diagnosis of my condition as entirely non-swine, I'd still like to discuss some perks that come from a more generalized day spent without rising from bed. And by perks, I really mean a few general observations, finds, and whatever-isms that have brought me moderate semblances of sanity on this day of soup and sequestering. I was just trying to sound consistent with today's theme. :-)

1. I've got a few fears in life: cats, mice, and dolphins (I know, I'm strange) currently top the list, but during my childhood, clowns and dogs were prominent figures that I avoided in the same fashion that my housemates are currently avoiding me (oh swine!). Clowns are still a bit sketchy, but I've grown to appreciate the euphoria that accompanies an adorable dog sitting on my lap. (I still experience heart palpitations when an enormous and slobbering ball of ungroomed fur encroaches my personal space, however.) The point of this bullet, though, is that I'd love to mother a little apricot or cinnamon red maltipoo some day. I will name her Daisy (after Long Island's fictitious princess, Daisy Buchanan) and pamper her with preppy doggy wear for her three-pound frame. Also, in my utopia, she won't experience any bodily functions beyond the occasional bark... ;-)

2. My shoe obsession is getting a little out of hand... As much as I should listen to the aforementioned Mamaduke about the fact that I literally have no space to accommodate my ever-growing collection of heels, flats, booties, and slippers, I can't help but fall victim to fabulously crafted footwear. So, in an attempt to save money while still accumulating a Carrie Bradshaw-approved collection, I turned to the mastermind behind dirt cheap shoes: Payless. I know. That place. The last time I set foot in the land of "BOGO" it was to relieve my stiletto-scarred tootsies from a day of walking through Manhattan. (I was in such pain that I didn't even care about purchasing pink, slipper-esque flats to wear with a super chic pinstripe pencil skirt and matching suit jacket. I was a fashion "don't" to the max, but did not care in the least!) Anyhow, Project Runway's favorite tranny, Christian Siriano, designs a line for the retailer, and while I imagine the actual products to be uncomfortable and short-lived, some of the options are seriously cute! Plus, at a mere $35.00 each, who cares if they make a public appearance only once? While I normally despise (despise!) peep-toes, I'd channel the urban outfitter within and wear the left pair with brightly colored tights. The right pair, on the other hand, speaks for itself and showcases a look that just screams New Year's Eve. Of course, though, there are none in stock on the website -- and that's even more of a fashion crime than wearing slippers with a suit in the world's trendiest city.

3. Potential suitors (hahahahahhahahahahhaha...ha), please pay attention: I have found an engagement ring that I actually like! (Disclaimer: I am no where near the wedding stage of my life. I have a life to live and a non-studio apartment to buy before that happens, so give me 10 years or so. ha!) Anyhow, I've never been a huge fan of the glamorous left hand adornments. Princess cuts, cushion cuts, platinum settings, super-duper clarity... It's all as Greek to me as a life in which Legally Blonde is not watched on a fairly frequent basis. (Seriously. What a travesty!) I chalk my general dislike of engagement rings to the fact that I'm not much of a jewelery fiend to begin with. Also, I much prefer gold glitz to silver or platinum shininess. However, Harry Winston has changed my opinion of engagement bling with this ring. It probably costs the same amount as the killer apartment I'm buying some day, so it's a good thing I'm choosy... ;-)

The Perks of Having Swine Flu, Edition 1

Yes. I have indeed been hit with the dreaded H1N1. Oink, oink goes Miss KR. But let's be honest -- I'm not letting the global pandemic get me down. You see, there are really tons and tons of perks to swinging with the swine. Let's discuss:

1. I can lie in bed all day marathoning Mad Men, dreaming about how glamorous my life would be if I lived like Joan Holloway circa the '60s. Red lipstick, corsets, attractive advertising magnates, daily happy hours, jazz music... I would definitely fit in with the Madison Ave. gang at Sterling Cooper. This show is on. the. money.

2. My appetite is non-existent. Living solely on water and soup will neutralize the fact that I'll be eating my body weight in stuffing and sweet potatoes come Thursday... assuming the Swine is shaken by then. Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka dot bikini here I come!

3. Technically, I'm quarantined, but I like to view this "sequestering" as a time of true pampering. When else in college do you have your meals delivered directly to your dorm room door?! The PC term is "Flu Buddy," but I'll allow my delirious swine state to convince me that I've got multiple personal assistants.

4. I've had loads of time to convert my favorite YouTube tunes and mash-ups to MP3s. Favorites include Anya Marina's cover of "Whatever You Like" and Usher and T-Swift's ancient-but-fabulous mash-up called "Club Love."

5. I get to rock a trendy face mask. I don't know what's more stylish: the hair net I wore while touring Easton's chocolate paradise, or this mouth-and-nose covering I'm forced to rock when leaving my quarantine to relieve my kidneys.

6. I can read this blog all day. This New Yorker can dress! Plus, she's a Brooklynite! Win-win.

7. I can amuse you with more PERKS OF HAVING SWINE FLU. Edition 2 is a work in progress. Stay tuned!

Cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle,


Sunday, November 22, 2009

clever commercial

As a business major, I appreciate the value of a good commercial. This one is hard to avoid if you're a fan of (or perhaps victim to?) MTV challenges and VH1 Celebreality. GAP always pulls through during the Christmas season with a mass distributed way of reeling consumers into its holiday world of knit scarves and puffy vests. While I haven't shopped at GAP in a while, I'm tempted to grace it with my presence after watching this awesome promotion over and over.

NOTE: I am in no way, nor was I ever (ever!) a cheerleader. ;-)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

some flowers for thought

I'm definitely a multi-season kind of gal. Fall brings scarves, boots, foliage, and fashion week; winter sends snow, skiing, and Christmas trees; summer supplies sun, sand castles, and weekend get-aways; spring blooms with flowers. Despite the November date and Boston latitude, yesterday was completely reminiscent of spring here at Stonehill, and after looking at these pictures, I felt the bittersweet tinge of that fact that I've got a single spring left to experience the beauty of a blossom-covered Stonehill. (However, when blanketed in snow, it's just as pretty!) The weather really needs to start making up its mind... Regardless, the following pictures, taken on a weekend-getaway in Cape Cod's picturesque Harwichport, epitomize the wonders of warmer weather.

by the way...

...I bought one!

Friday, November 20, 2009

now say [sp]aaaaaaaaa...

Remember that genius idea I had last Thursday? It involved me becoming the next Google by branding the KR name on a luxury spa that's only available in airports? Well, dear readers, that genius idea is so very been there, done that. An airport in Hong Kong and my very own JKF International are two of the nine airports featured in this airport spa review from InStyle. If your travel plans involve any of the highlighted hotspots, indulge during your next delay! Jetlag never looked so good!

Speaking of spas, though, I purchased a Groupon over the summer for a "day of bliss" at Spa Newbury on Boston's strip of luxury retail and real estate. If you're not a Groupon subscriber, do it now! Operating under "collective buying power," Groupon offers sa-weet deals in any and every consumer-pleasing area, which could come in especially useful as the holidays approach. For a mere $85, I will receive a legitimate day's worth of pampering: a facial, a massage, a pedicure, a mud wrap, a reflexology treatment... I feel like such a celeb! ;-)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm a model!

Well, not really. I'm too addicted to sushi rice, dark chocolate, and veal cutlets for that to ever happen. Plus, you already heard about the prom dress snafu caused by my "excess cushioning" in yesterday's post. (Side bar: It actually zipped, if you can believe it! Granted, however, the aggressive-yet-well-meaning DG had to physically yank me into said pink pouf.) Anyhow, back to my attempt at emulating Cindy Crawford, though without a strategically penciled-on mole. My Jersey Girl housemate, LR, is crafty to the max and recently started a blog of her own to promote her line of homemade headbands, "Ahead of the Trend." Clever, right? Her goodies are feathery, jeweled, wrapped in ribbon, and ready to wear. Her site is a definite work in progress, but please check it out, if only to see the locks of yours truly modeling a "pearly" version of LR's stylish artwork that would make even Blair Waldorf swoon, circa her Constance Billiard Queen Bee days.

The Week From Hades... and prom?

As the semester winds down, it's usually impossible to escape without a week from the devil's land. However, my collection of days spent alongside Lucifer is just about to end! After two exams, two papers, and tomorrow's final presentation, I'll no longer dabble with el diablo... until finals, at least. ;-) But since I like to keep it positive, let's talk about this presentation for a hot second! Encouraged by our professor to "have some fun" with our final project, my group is truly embodying the case we're presenting for Stonehill's Policy & Strategy Capstone Class. So what if the hour-long talk is a major chunk of our grade!? While presenting a formal SWOT analysis of Nintendo, Inc. tomorrow morning, I will be wearing my prom dress. That's right, my prom dress.

Pounds of poufy, pink tulle will make me the perfect Princess Peach as I hope for an A (+?) alongside my teammates. Well, it's not that poufy. I'd sooner die than emulate a cupcake. (It sure is pink, though!) The only issue is that a bit of extra... let's call it "cushioning" has graced Princess Peach's physique since her barely legal high school days. As a result, the extra "padding" makes the non-cupcake dress a bit of a chore to zip -- and therefore rock with the same snazz and pizazz that the Garden City Hotel experienced way back when having the wildest post-prom plans made you a high school celebrity. (I went to a comedy club, which was probably un-cool. Oh well.) Anyhow, please pardon my digression. The real deal here is that after years of eying the layers of satiny pink peak from behind other ancient garments I actually still wear (I can't part with my "classic" Bitten by SJP denim jacket...ha... but I'm really not kidding), I'm finally giving my prom dress a second go... and who can say that they've done that?

With love from Marioland (can you tell I'm not a gamer?),


Monday, November 16, 2009

Once I make it...

I've got some high hopes of leading a tres glam life upon graduation... or at least a few years after graduation, after roughing it in a studio apartment, instead of a Park Ave. penthouse, and after living on generic groceries, instead of designer produce from Trader Joes. Assuming my life goals come true and I hit the jackpot some day, there are three KEY items that will enter my life:1. The Burberry Trench Coat.
2. The Chanel bag.3. The Urban Shoe Myth: Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes.

Ah, a gal can dream...

Saturday, November 14, 2009


that. was. the. best. lunch. of. my. life.

...details will follow.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

an airport muse

This marks the third airport muse of "The Prose of Krose." While my current situation isn't as bad as the time I was stranded in O'Hare for six hours en route to the Alamo, it's close enough. See, I've got this runny nose-cough thing, and all I want is some tea in front of the TV in preparation for tomorrow's big lunch. However, the New York Noreaster has prevented my 1:45 flight from making a timely departure. Despite the delay, my time spent people-watching has gotten me thinking about a few airport-related things:

1. Airports could benefit greatly from having manicure/pedicure stations alongside the news stands, or -- let's think big here! -- a full on spa beside the boarding terminals. As frustrations and tensions rise with each hour spent watching the time tick in cold, dreary airports, spa owners would ROLL in the dough of said frustrated passengers. I think this idea could make me the next Google, don't you think?

2. How do chainsmokers handle flying -- or worse -- delays? Trashy magazines and books can only go so far in distraction terms. I'm glad my addictions are limited to sushi, classic Billy Joel, and haggling.

3.Logan Airport has a homemade fudge shop. I succombed to the chocolate. Bad decision.

4.A toddler is shaking his tush to Shania Twain's "Man, I Feel Like A Woman." It makes waiting feel a little less painful

5. SCORE. See you in New York.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ho ho ho

To me, Christmas music is playlist-acceptable any time after Halloween, which would therefore make a Christmas-themed blog perfectly seasonal from now until January 6th. As a result, I hope you all enjoy the ho ho ho-ness that will grace "The Prose of Krose" for the next few weeks. Anyhow, now that we've mentioned the musical miracle that is the Christmas tune, let's get down to business! It's not Christmas until I hear the following lucky seven songs:

1. New York City Christmas by Matchbox 20 is the perfect description of the most fabulous city's portrayal of Christmastime. I love nothing more than the Big Apple, decked in lights, garland, sales, sidewalk Santas, and Rockettes. The song's final exclamation for a "Merry New York Christmas" is extremely fitting, as Christmas in New York is unlike Christmas anywhere else.

2. All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. Need I say more?

3. Gaudete by some classical composer (?). Back during my teenage years, I was a "Chamber Choir" nerd-ette. As the "elite" chorus group of my high school, we sang some pretty obscure songs. They were always in foreign languages -- from Latin to Russian Gibberish -- and written by "experimental" composers who blended harmonies that hurt the ears of those without college degrees in "Music Appreciation." In short, our parents, as the only members of the audience, usually dreaded attending the seasonal Christmas concert. "Can't you just sing 'Let it Snow,'" my dad would often ask. Anyways, Gaudete was the one and only operatic masterpiece of my high school singing career that I enjoyed singing during the Christmas concert. While my vocal praises have decreased considerably since voice lessons and choir practice came to a halt, I'll never stop belting showtunes in the shower, despite the dismay of my roommates and family members. ;-)

4. The 12 Days of Christmas by the Muppets is an R family favorite. A song full of as much tradition as there are members said family (a.k.a. a LOT), this song reminds me of a time when Christmas had a bit more magic -- in the form of a jolly belly, a red coat, and a white beard.

5. Christmas Shoes by Bob Carlisle makes me want to ball my eyes out for eternity... but I can't help but love it, despite the fact that I only listen to it once a season; that's all I can handle.

6. Jingle Bell Rock was Grandma's all-time favorite Christmas carol. The site of her dancing alongside her hip-swinging Santa was always a highlight of the holidays!

7. Oh Holy Night by Christina Aguilera proves this chick's vocal chops, while turning a classic tune into a rockstar version that I replay, and replay, and replay, and replay...

Stay tuned for a 2009 Christmas List post in the near future. It will be as unrealistic as it is fabulous. And also, I haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving: I already hear the early morning road race and post-run awards of stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, and cranberry calling my name!

Monday, November 9, 2009

the underrated blondie

While equipping Precious Pink (That's my iPod. Don't make fun.) with some new tunes for my evening run, I came across a few musical throwbacks. Ironically enough, they all involve the same blond, who, like the following songs, is somewhat of a figure of the past -- yet still totally amazing. That's right: Ashley Tisdale. Yet again, don't make fun; these songs never suffered the shame of a nose job gone wrong.

1. Bop to the Top. You know you all watched, loved, and replayed each installment of the High School Musical triolgy, so need I even ask you to not make fun? Anyways, each second of this 1:52 tune is as "fabulosa" as Senorita Sharpay exclaims in the opening. Run to it. Rave to it.

2. Shadows of the Night. Ever since the life-changing Rock of Ages re-defined my appreciation of 80s glam rock by way of Broadway, I've payed a lot more attention to Pat Benetar's creations. Ms. Tisdale's rendition of this hit is definitely rock star-worthy. I'm obsessed.

3. Kiss the Girl. While I can't say I go overly gaga for Disney, I certainly love the merits of each film's happy ending. Though this moment in The Little Mermaid is highly frustrating, the song is bananas, especially when sung by AT. The best part: there's no Scuttle screaming in the background!

In other news, I've done a bit of shopping over the past few days! Though the mother hen squawked at it, I am now the proud owner of this delectably gold Michael Kors watch. It's chunky and men's wear-ey, which makes it perfect and "now." I also spotted this brown leather version by way of my favorite fashion blog (I literally want to BE this girl!), and it just might have to make an appearance on my Christmas list. Nina Garcia always spoke of the merits of a men's watch -- and that chick's got some serious street cred in runway-land, despite getting booted from Elle to Marie Claire. Unfortunately, my lovely new gold friend has a scratch on her face already. Are glitches like that fixable? Help!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm a huge advocate of green. It's pink's perfect compliment. It's Christmas' signature color. It's the hue that escapes your wallet on payday. It's the shade of St. Patrick's day. Needless to say, I like to keep as much green in my life as possible. However, I'm on the fence regarding its most recent trend: nail color.

I'll admit it: I'm a chronic nail biter. As a result, I try to draw as little attention to my hands as possible. While I cherish each second of my monthly pedicure as though it's truly a heavenly experience, I never splurge for the hand-equivalent. However, as Chanel's Fall 2009 runway show proved, a minty green shade can actually spark some life back into stubby nails, such as my own. On the other hand, though, it's still green nail polish...

What are your thoughts on this trend?

a quick little tribute... the p-units. I don't know many members of the college-parent crowd who have the chutzpah to make such convincing Halloween-ized replicas of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The glasses! The flowers! The tie-dye! That's peace and love at its finest! If only I were there to witness this 1,000-word picture in person. Maybe it's time to retire the Ralph Lauren permanently, M and D. The flower-child look is hysterically becoming...

Also, I failed to mention in my Halloween re-cap that the wondrous hat atop my head on the 31st was custom product of "Yoko's" design and sewing skills. Despite your breaking up the Beatles, Ms. Ono, I extend my sincere thanks for your creative kindness, from Neverland to NY. ;-)


Monday, November 2, 2009

some spring break tidbits

Add a healthy dose of The Most Magical Place on Earth......with a scoop of the resort made popular by Mary-Kate and Ashley's straight-to-TV-but-should-have-been-a-blockbuster movie......with an attempt to find Nemo through some sexy snorkel goggles......with a sprinkling of relaxing, poolside afternoons......with a shot of neverending nights of disco dancing and casino cruising......upon this tricked out ship......and you've got the trusty recipe for my first REAL Spring Break! If only I could pull that whole bikini thing off like Marisa Miller. That would make things really perfect! T-minus 122 days until departure.... is that enough time to turn myself into a Victoria's Secret model?

I know. I'm laughing, too. If anyone wants to work his or her waistline by joining my new daily 8-Minute Abs club, though, new members are more than welcome... ;-)

Love and Skinny Girl Margaritas,


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Never, neverland

Despite flying off with Princess Tiger Lily to brave the sess pool of swine flu -- also known as the infamously infamous Stonehill College Halloween Mixer -- I escaped my final Halloween at the Hill completely unscathed, if you don't count the gash I gained when a biddy's stiletto punctured my poor foot. Ouch! Minor bruises aside, however, I enjoyed the day, rocking green leggings, a make-shift "lost boy" top, outrageous green booties, and a whole lot of swaggar. I even soared through the cafe circa dinnertime, decked to a T in my Peter Pan get-up. I hope your Halloweens were just as fabulous!

You can fly, you can fly, you can fly...

Monday, October 26, 2009


For the first time in a while, I've got something blog-worthy to discuss. FINALLY! Let's hope I still have it in me. Here goes...

Way back when BT, NL, and KF still called themselves non-Stonehill grads, we spent a frosty afternoon in a Christmas-decked NYC, while navigating tourists, wrapping paper, and Salvation Army Santas. We trekked from the ice skating rink at Bryant Park to Serendipidy bakery; to 5th Ave. to window shop; to Times Square to people watch. And then it hit us. We really had to go. You know... go. What were four little ladies to do? As poor college students, we certainly didn't want to buy a slice to warrant the use of a cramped pizzeria stall, nor did we want to brave those $.25 public restrooms that scream deathly, deathly disease. No worries, though. KF charmed in about Charmin and revolutionized the afternoon.

I have never looked at toilet paper the same way since.

If you haven't experienced it yet, you must. Each holiday season, Charmin sets up shop in Times Square, establishing somewhat of a dance club dedicated to relieving the aching bladders of sale-hungry tourists... and disguised locals such as myself. As you enter bathroomland, Charmin ambassadors greet you with pom-poms, dance moves, high fives, and killer smiles that make you either (1) up your water intake for the day to guarantee a repeat trip, or (2) forget about imbibing altogether to ensure that you never, ever have to take such an enthusiastic "break" ever again. I clearly sipped and sipped and sipped to the point where I dragged little sis AR into the city just a few days after for the sole purpose of having a ball in the Charmin stall one more time.

So just today, the aforementioned BT sent me this little tidbit of information: those pom-pom waving, dance move-busting, high-fiving, smiling Charmin Ambassadors get paid $10,000 smackers for a mere MONTH dedicated to celebrating the 16th letter of the alphabet. Any unemployed New Yorkers feel like cha-cha-ing your way through the holiday season? You'll certainly never have to wait on an epically long restroom line in Macy's Herald Square...

Black Friday can't come soon enough. Charmin Restroom, I'm coming home...

the flu

H1N1 has officially graced our fair Stonehill... Ick! Bust out that antibacterial -- you don't want the swine to spoil your Halloween time!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a quick muse for tues.

After years of NYC Restaurant Weeks (though its more like Restaurant Month now, much to the chagrin of my ever-depleting savings account!) in which a coveted reservation at Mesa Grill failed to grace my pocket-sized, pink (duh!) day planner, I have finally achieved a seat at a table. Well, not "I," per se; the red hot rezzy is more of a reward! As loyal readers, friends, acquaintances, eavesdroppers, family members, and pretty much anyone who will listen to me babble on and on already know, my summer intern team -- in the words of Rachel Zoe -- shut our video project down and brought home the first prize! As a result, on a lovely Fall day in November, I will be rocking a killer fabulous Tory Burch shift as I lunch at Bobby Flay's NYC hotspot of Southwestern cuisine. Red snapper with avocado and sweet potato ravioli aside (seriously, check out the menu!), I'll be sitting beside the famed and fabulous man who is Thomson Reuters' Markets Division C. E. O.! While I hope to be on an entirely new level of A-game at this chow and chat sesh, I can rest on the fact that, even if I don't land a another summer or (fingers crossed...) permanent gig at my dear Thomson Reuters, I will have had an unbelievable lunch with unbelievable company.

This is the true story of KR... The Real World -- both MTV's reality gem and the current vida loca I lead -- has got a whole new meaning to me now! Wish me luck...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

the day we didn't have Internet

Just call me Laura Ingalls Wilder. Having no Internet as a college student is like being on Little House on the Prairie, except instead of having no running water or electricity, we have no Facebook... which is obviously much, much worse. It was a six-hour suffering, but through some miraculous means, we made it through. Phew. I can't really complain, though; my partner in delicious crime (a.k.a. Senorita Crackberry) kept me connected through the technological famine.

In other updates, my Halloween costume has been established. It involves green tights and flights to Neverland...

Have a great week!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

first of all...

We need to talk about the recent controversy surrounding the iconic all-American designer whose classic stylings overflow my closet. Ralph Lauren champions timeless clothing with undeniable ease; his blazers and button-downs are nothing but collar-popping masterpieces. However, Mr. Lauren has gotten himself into quite the preppy pickle. After this ultra-photoshopped advertisement leaked ("It should NEVER have surfaced," stated the frazzled brains behind the button-downs), speculation arose that featured model Filippa Hamilton's "curvy" size four frame was a bit too much for the gang at Ralph Lauren to handle. (Note that her head is bigger than her waist. Yikes.) So she was fired. Fired! For being too fat. As a size four. A size four! If that's the case, I'm long overdue on a gastric bypass. I have no shame, though. You all know about my love of stretchy non-pants.

Anyhow, enough of this emaciated chitterchatter! It's Thursday. It's the weekend. Joy, joy, joy! As you can tell, I successfully made it back from the land of the Alamo. While I didn't visit the Alamo per se, I did have quite the Southwestern culture shock. Texans are a rare breed. From their steel-toed cowboy boots to their unmistakable drawls, each move they make is as character-filled as the Texas Two-Step. Yee-haw dancing aside, though, it was an awesome trip, filled with exploring the RiverWalk in Downtown San Antonio, taking in the liveliness of 6th Street on Longhorn game day in Austin, and spending time with family in the suburban desert. Most importantly, though, I had an extreme love affair with the San Marcos outlets that resulted in an explosion of new goodies: a polished grey dress, gold gladiator sandals, and a Reva tote from Tory Burch; a cocktail dress that seriously screams me, pink quilted flats, and a NYC taxi charm necklace from Betsey Johnson; a grey skirt and ruffly black cardigan from J.Crew; jeans from Banana Republic. If you were wondering, yes, I am now broke. In an attempt to reel in a sweet buck, I am considering learning to play the guitar so I can serenade New Yorkers on their morning commutes. Thoughts? Other ideas?

With love, laughter, and liveliness,


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hecticness... but stay tuned!

There are far to many exciting things going on in the life of KR at the present moment to cram into a single entry, so stay tuned for some afternoon candy once my week of hellish midterms comes to a delightful close. Texas Two-Stepping is involved. $325 cowboy boots are (thankfully) not. See you Thursday! xxxx

Thursday, October 8, 2009

stranded at the drive-in...

You may recall the last time I made an in-transit gracing of Chi town's O'Hare International. It involved ML pushing the pedal harder than ever, while I accompanied her on the world's fastest trip between the Fighting Irish and the Windy City's main transportation hub. I guess my in-the-nick of time arrival from way back when is being neutralized: my three-hour layover has been doubled to six agonizing hours! So far, I've killed two. Ish. As much as I love people watching, six hours in a crowded airport is a tad excessive, even for me, the queen of all things watchable.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Starting Fires and Saving Lives

After weeks of busting rhymes to re-write Mr. Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire," my efforts have come to fruition. I ended up with a pretty fabulous Stonehill-ized rendition of the American history-chronicling hit for my "Mr. Stonehill" host audition. Despite some nerves, I went slightly nuts while auditioning in front of the 2010 class committee, singing about country music, pink and green clothes, sprained ankles, poorly performing football teams, and Obama obsessions. It was a little showcase of my Stonehill experiences, if you will. Something must have worked, because I'm one of the lucky three who gets to host the evening of swimsuit, talent, and formal wear competitions! Also, I can't help but note that when asked which actress would play me in a movie of my life, I responded with the obvious answer of Reese Witherspoon... though not before busting out the best "Bend and Snap" of my life. It seriously does work every time! Too bad no UPS guys were around.

As for saving lives, the Breast Cancer Walk went fabulously on Sunday morning. I somehow managed to rally, and was ready to roll by 7 AM, despite raging the night away on Saturday night under the black lights in my fellow Mr. Stonehill host's house. With every burn in my knees and shins as I walked the six-mile course along the Charles River, I kept reminding myself of how I'm a truly lucky girl. Many thanks to those who donated to our team, especially CO, the p-units, the Texan relatives (who I see on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!), and AK. You are all awesome!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

So Victorious!

The gal I can refer to as nothing but ferosh has awarded me the "Kreativ Blogger" award! YAY! AC's At the End of the Day is quite the collection of awkward stories that involve subway-side kisses from strangers and seductive eye contact with train conductors. (Apparently, public transportation is where it's at these days!) Anyhow, the rules of this award are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they've been nominated

I nominate:

SA, the Stonehill-grad with whom I professionally networked back in the day -- though we've since graduated to pub crawling, pint downing, and girly gossiping. Read about her mom-hood and martini sipping at Thus It Continues.

LS's Adventures in St. Kitt's (read for vet school stories, straight out of the sunny, sandy Caribbean), ML's The Roaring Twenty-Something (read for raunchy romantic ramblings), and SA's Pieces (read for rants and recipes). These lovely ladies are my three hometown friends who jumped on the blogging bandwagon in the past few months. Reading their blogs makes me feel like we're all still just a bike ride away. Awwww.....

The Daily, NB's "Thing of the Day." I haven't mentioned my favorite wild child in a while, so listen carefully: NB is an extraordinarily clever writer whose grammatical savvy matches both her ability to dress like a celebrity and her knowledge of their Hollywood goings-on. Living large from NYC to Tennessee, NB never fails to amuse. Read her blog, and love it like I do!

KG from Living the Brooklyn Life was NB's and my boss back during our intern days at Zoom. Though she's technically a Floridian, I like to think of KG as a New Yorker at heart. She does an amazing job at taking advantage of the sites of NYC -- specifically those in Brooklyn! -- so I don't know what's better than reading about my favorite borough! (Read: I am jealous!)

TG from Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes writes an awesome "Workout Wednesday" feature. While I can't say I follow her suggestions as best I should, she offers some great tips to tone up! Plus, her precious pooch is to die for!

As for the seven things you don't know about me... stay tuned! I need to think for a bit! :-)

Monday, September 28, 2009

While I've got a case of the Mondays...

...I've got lots to look forward to in the upcoming two weeks. Let's discuss. I'll start small.

1. Gossip Girl is on tonight. Yet again, I'm trapped in the library, doing my "Writing Consultant" thang -- a.k.a. heaps of homework, bits of blogging, and pounds of procrastinating -- during show time, so my 1 AM snuggle sesh with greatstufftv/ch131/hulu/you-name-the-"legal"-tv-watching-website can't come soon enough. (Side note: I'm yet to see Blair Waldorf actually listen to the fair Dan Humphrey, so, though the Queen Bee is dethroned at press time (Ha. Don't I wish!), I'm hoping the starving poet's whole "No headbands in college" rant is short-lived. I love Blair. I love her headbands more.)

2. Quincy's Quest for a Cure hit it's fund raising goal! Any additional donations, however, are more than welcome. I'm also taking donations for a new watch, if you're interested in supporting my cause. In the words of Rachel Zoe, Michael's (yes, that's intentional first-name usage) wondrous tortoise shell watch makes me "die." (Side note: Dear TR, Hire me. I miss you. I miss the paychecks more.)

3. A la Joey, Pacy, Jen, and Dawson, of course, I'll be Cape Side this Friday for some Stonehill bonding. While I hear the location of Friday's event is a bit "rustic," it's sandwiched in Sandwich (I think. Hyannis or Dennis just wouldn't serve the same pun) between forest and beach, which makes for a pretty precious weekend to come. (Side note: Bugs beware when KR is there. I kind of hate you, but bug bites? Those I hate more.)

4. ML is rumored to be shacking up in Massachusetts with a "special friend" of hers this upcoming weekend... and I say that with the utmost respect for the faux-pants wearing Physician's Assistant-in-training who is one of my most loyal readers and best friends. (Side note: ML, I miss your cranberry leggings, but I miss you more. That's all I'm going to say...)

5. The Alamo is a hop, skip, speedy drive, quick flight, and lengthy layover away. Maybe I'll be the next best thing to come out of [albeit a short lived trip to] Texas. (Side note: Kanye (that died down pretty fast, don't you think), your catchy raps are pretty impressive, but I'll always love Taylor more.)

Have a tres fab week, everyone!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brain Conditioning

Pre-mature senioritis is deadly when you've got an exam, a paper, and a whole slew of work to do in the upcoming week. Here are some things I've done over the weekend to prolong the process. Ah, procrastination!

1. Marathoned 4 hours of Sex and the City. Some thoughts: Firstly, dumping Aidan was the poorest decision Carrie ever made. Secondly, Trey kind of freaks me out. Thirdly, and most importantly, wearing a brassier on the OUTSIDE of a shirt was the poorest "fashion forward" decision I've ever seen on the show.

2. Vacuumed my room.

3. Made popcorn.

4. Shotgunned through the Back Bay neighborhood of the Bean with KA. Hunted for a parking spot for several hours. Strolled Newbury Street. Considered breaking the bank. Splurged on dinner at Stephanie's. Heaven, heaven, heaven by way of tortellini with peas.

5. Searched flights to London. A gal can only dream...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dive bars and benefactors

Yesterday, I was privilege to attend a hoity-toity dedication dinner in honor of Stonehill's New Science Center. After weeks of speculation over the name of the building -- they couldn't seriously call it the New Science Center forever, right?! -- the $33 million space's name was announced: in honor of a $7 MILLION (jaksdhflkasjlkjhqlrewrhlthljkhlkjrwe?!?!) donation from a unbelievably generous family, the Shields Science Center was born. Among the company of honored guests, benefactors, and faculty, I chowed down on fillet mignon and scallops, making sure to save room for the chocolate tart dessert. And even better than the purple flower garnish-adorned mooing cow upon my plate was the open bar, from which wine, beer, and cocktails flowed throughout the evening. What a lovely night!

...but that's not all. To further my Thursday festivities, I traveled from a fancy atrium to the black hole of Easton: Buddy's Union Villa. I can't even call this place a dive bar. Filled with sketchtastic unemployed townies sporting mullets, cut-off t-shirts, and the unfortunate desire to serenade the crowd with karaoke renditions of "I Wanna Know What Love Is" and "Summer Nights," Buddy's is by far the grossest bar I've set foot in. Now, I'll fully admit that my summer spent surfing the watering holes from Murray Hill to the Meatpacking District makes me a bit biased here, but this place is even worse than Rudy's, NYC's off-kilter public house, famous for its free hot dogs. And that says a lot!

Despite the less than stellar local crowd, however, Buddy's fills with Stonehill's finest every Thursday evening. Most enjoyable is the clear distinction between the regulars and the co-eds. Maybe it's just me, but something tells me the locals hug the walls for a reason: getting caught amongst a sea of beer-chugging, pastel-wearing boys would seriously tarnish their townieness. All in all though, I can't say I hated it. There's something bittersweet about the sticky floor and swaying (ahem) customers.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've realized that, since departing from the City of Dreams for Easton, MA, the "bargain-hunting" branch of my blog has been a bit week. (Easton is a tad shabby when it comes to scoring amazing sales on the streets.) After re-reading yesterday's post about the raspberry-hue American Apparel leggings, I realized that HauteLook is an "invite only" online sample sale. However, as my dear readers, you are all privilege to an invitation to the three online sample sale e-mails I receive each morning: HauteLook, RueLaLa, and iDeeli. Turned on to these sites by the bodacious BT (who is MOVING TO MANHATTAN ON OCTOBER 1st!), I've had some great luck since joining them in July. Tory Burch, Seven for All Mankind, J Brand, and Toy Watch are some frequent sales, to name a few. To hop on the bargain bandwagon, simply list my gmail address when you register! (Comment if you need the address.) Happy shopping!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Would you still be my friend if I wore...

...this gold lame body suit? Yeah, I didn't think so. I wouldn't want to be my friend, either. Gold lame belongs on Elvis -- and Elvis alone. But these raspberry leggings!? Well, despite having gams that are probably 500 times the size of this model's (she's rocking some pretty faboosh sunglasses, I must add), I just have to make these mine. American Apparel is hosting a killer sale on HauteLook today, which makes the foxy faux-pants go from a steep $26 to a sweet $13. That's less than I spend on weekend entertainment! Tie that in with the fact that I, as a recessionista, can't resist a sale, you've got a shopping savvy sister who is currently cursing herself in the library, wishing she could yell "Accio Credit Card!" a la Harry Potter. I've got two hours left until my shift in the Writing Center ends, after which I plan on making a hot beeline back to my dorm to score the "berry" cute stretchy ladies. (What a great pun! That cleverness is probably why Stonehill pays me the big bucks to help struggling writers on their papers. Ha. Blah.)

...which brings me to my next point! Poor grammar makes me want to pull a Kanye. In the words of Katy Perry, "It's like he stepped on a kitten." Despite the fact that any and all members of the feline family frighten me, I'll go with the analogy on this one: when someone mixes up "your" and "you're," or "they're," "there," and "their," it makes me want to step on a kitten. Pardon my rant; I'm really quite the Switzerland when it comes to physical violence.

Also, I've noticed something a bit peculiar in the Stonehill cafeteria these days. KA and I have had many the bonding experience over our mutual hatred of "the most important meal of the day." Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know breakfast is supposed to kick-start my metabolism, but I still can't stomach anything but a granola bar before 11 AM. Anyhow, when I see people downing Cheerios or Special K for dinner, I honestly don't get it! Maybe it's just me and my food baby, but dinner trumps breakfast by a landslide! Maybe someone can explain her reasoning? (I would say a politically correct "his" here, but let's be real: it's clearly not the dudes who down a Kellog's creation after 5 PM...)

That's all for now. Billy Shakes calls. Enjoy tonight's Gossip Girl -- hopefully Dan got a hair cut!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

hi yall

In 18 days, I make my entrance to the land of the Alamo! While I hope my Texan relatives have not jumped on the "yall" bandwagon (despite living in Tucson before San Antonio, they're born and bred New Yorkers at heart, so saying "yall" would be sinful), I'm looking forward to witnessing the Southwestern way of life, and not just because I have an extreme affinity for south-of-the-border cuisine, cowboy boots, and -- okay, I admit it -- the occasional country ballad. (I live with a gal whose ambition in life is a Texas zip code. It's impossible to not embrace the musical stylings of Sugarland and Little Big Town.) Described by Aunt L as a place where every woman is manicured to the max, Texas seems like a land of big hair and bigger personalities. Enter KR...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quincy's Quest for a Cure

On Sunday, October 4th, Stonehill's Quincy House will be "Making Strides" through Boston to support the fight against breast cancer. Each step we make and each dollar we donate is another stride closer to a cure. I am walking for anyone who has been afftected by breast cancer -- be it physically or emotionally. Every penny counts! If you are interested in making a donation, please visit my personal site and join to support your friends, family, and strangers far and wide who are currently battling breast cancer. I'm forever indebted for any assistance you can offer.

Now on to today's topic! Staying in line with the day's theme of "making strides," jump a few steps in front of your potential job competition by reading this SavvySugar post, which I found by way of Working Girl. (These are two absolute must-read blogs for the Corporate Carolines and Business Brittanys out there in our working world of unemployment and unpaid positions. Check 'em out!) As you already know, nailing a job interview is key (duh). I found this post especially helpful, as it tackles the troubling moment when an interviewer asks if "you have any questions for him/her?" The Thomson Reuters' recruiting team hosted a workshop on this topic during the end of my internship, stressing that the questions you ask are far more important than the responses you give. (Crazy, right?!) The gals at SavvySugar were right in line with the suggestions I heard back in August, so mad props to them!

I've been on quite a few job interviews in my day. I've been to the Michael Kors headquarters, where a team of hungry, hungry, hungry HR girls questioned my credentials; I've chatted with celebrity bloggers atop Penn Plaza; and I've sold myself over the phone. Despite my 21-ness, I think I've picked up a good set of interviewing strategies over the years. Read on if you're interested:

1. Wear a suit. It doesn't matter how professional your little black dress is, or how aaahhhh-maaaazingggg your skirt makes your tush look. Wear a freaking suit! And heels. And minimal jewelery. It's not the time to bling.

2. Have a firm handshake! On the second day of my Business "Capstone" class, Prof. W. taught us how to shake hands. No joke! I failed big time with my weak grip, but I'm working on it! According to him -- and he's an ex-CEO, with much, much more professional clout than yours truly! -- don't be the first to break eye contact. This is scary stuff -- try practicing with a cute boy to replicate the nervousness. (Ha...)

3. Smile! A smile will get you anywhere.

4. Arrive 10 minutes before you're expected to arrive. 15 is overkill. 5 is cutting it close. 1 is grounds for not even showing up.

5. This suggestion comes from the October issue of Cosmopolitan: style your hair professionally. A sleek bun or clean blow-out is the way to roll . According to the article, your hair is the first thing interviewers notice.

6. For phone interviews, dress as if you're on a real job interview. It will put your head in the zone. Your friends may laugh, but don't fret -- you'll be the one guzzling Grey Goose in a room of Rubinoff!

Take 'em, or leave 'em. They've worked for me... thus far! Here's hoping, and happy job hunting!