Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm Not Blogging Just Because I Want You to Hear about my Pucci Skirt.

Remember me? You know, I'm that Legally Blonde-obsessed, leopard print-wearing Reva flat aficionado who let her dear blog slip through the cracks for the past few months. But the past few months were far from boring--there were Pucci purchases, Cape Cod vacations, Tennessee trips and new career paths paved. Here's a top five-style summary of the past few months in my vida loca:

-In what was the most surreal shopping experience of my 23 years, I exited the East Village's Tokyo 7 mid-May with not only a pair of black peep toe Christian Louboutins, but a flowing swirl of an Emilio Pucci silk skirt. It was like the thrift store gods delivering my dream garments to me as a thanks for keeping the bargain shopping business... well, in business. It was materialistically magical.

-While keeping it cool on Cape Cod for Memorial Day weekend, I was privilege to attend a party in which the beverage of choice was Nicholas Feuillate champagne, served straight from a bottle so enormous, that two people needed to pour its precious posion into our flutes. All champagne, I've resigned, should be served as such.

-Throwing back to the days when JT subjected me to the eternal playing of country music, AC, ML and the infamous JW hightailed with me to Nashville, where we donned cowboy boots at the Country Music Fest in the city of southern superstars. Trip highlights included a surprise appearance from Shania Twain, finding the one bar in all the city to serve cider and stuffing my face with the Loveless Cafe's meat sampler--country ham, fried chicken and meal loaf marvelousness, I tell ya!

-True Blood came back. 'nuf said.

-And finally, I began a new job at Thomson Reuters! I left my job at ELLE with a happy heart (and a great crew of new friends!), bound for an exciting new role on the Recruiting Operations team, where I'm working now, learning and loving it every day!

Happy long weekend to you all...