Thursday, April 30, 2009

almost there

In exactly a week, I will ditch the dorm. The papers will be put away; the typing will be timed out; the exams will be no more. In exactly a week, I will enter the Cape. The flip-flops will flourish; the sun will stay; the tan lines might linger; the stress will stop. My three-week summer, about to jump-start with a week of debauchery, drinks, dining, and delightfulness, is calling my name, but the din of 10-pagers and all nighters is unfortunately blocking it out. However, on an academically amusing note, my obsession with Legally Blonde has finally meandered into a useful portion of my life by way of a nine-page semiotic analysis of Elle Woods, the ultimate California Beach Blonde. With references to the "Bend and Snap" and quotes from the princess of pink herself, my paper, I must admit, was definitely an entertaining one to write.

In addition, as today marks the last day of classes of my junior year, I can just about call myself a college senior. A senior! Seriously, when did that happen? I feel like I was perusing Bed, Bath & Beyond just yesterday to purchase the perfect comforter for my freshman year dorm room. I need more time! =)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ouch...but so worth it. Happy Summer. I'll be back after finals! =)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

work savvy attire

Nothing could beat the attire I was permitted to wear as an intern last summer. Flip flops, jeans, and sun dresses (!) were all perfectly permissible. This summer, however, my wardrobe needs some serious investing in two very specific categories:

-HEELS. As much as I have a borderline inappropriate love slash obsession for my Cole Haan babies, I can't really afford the $250+ price tag on my intern salary to invest in another pair. However, I am VERY lucky to have been given this position and do have a bit of money to burn on one or two (or three...) "investment" pairs of COMFORTABLE yet oh so stylish heels. I'm into quality over quality; I'd prefer two (or seven...) great name brand shoes over ten iffy pairs that will fall apart as quickly as Jennifer Aniston's love life. Any suggestions?

It's a very professional atmosphere. We're not talking about daily dons of stockings and suits, but a corporate look is key. It's times like these when I wish I had the mindless ability to throw on pants, a button down, and a tie. But on the other hand, that eliminates the possibility for the fun in creating ensembles. I definitely embrace the versatility of tailored black plants and capris, but want some wardrobe life beyond that. Note that I love color and prints. Any suggestions?

Any tips are much appreciated!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

well that was an eloquent blog...

That last blog carried a severe lack of wit-- a lack fueled by what was definitely an eventful Stonehill Spring Weekend. Here's my second attempt. Recovering is perpetual; memories are forever, though not as photographically documented as I'd like. Just imagine countless coeds gallivanting in groups throughout a campus dotted with illegal "open containers" and outwardly fabulous frivolity. It was awesome.

With temperatures just spiking in the 70s , I couldn't help but day dream of summers past, remembering the amazing times and taking note of what needs to be replicated again in this upcoming season. Here's a list of what's on the tap of my summer wish list so far:

1. Dominate restaurant week. Get the parents in on one of those meals to alleviate the cost. Meet investment banker and have him pay for another. (JK, but maybe not...HA!) Butter was the best time last summer and definitely needs to be visited again; I still dream about the mahi mahi. From the decor to the drinks, it was a divine time. To be honest, I felt like a celebrity while they waited on me. I highly recommend it. Mesa Grill als makes the list of must-visit venues. Others: TBD.

2. Enjoy the Canterbury Reunion
. My collection of Canterbury friends are all reuniting this June for a whirlwind weekend of wild times and wilder people. Clearly, we're going to see Dave in Hartford. You can't get more American than that.

3. Attend concerts galore.
I addition to the aforementioned Dave show, I have a few more options in the works: Dave (again, but Jones Beach style), Gin Blossoms (B.B. King's) , and most importantly, DEF LEPPARD AND POISON (Jones Beach, obvi.) . It has to happen. My Bret Michaels obsession deserves it. I should start shopping for leather, like, now.

On that note, it's now midnight and my coma is starting to seriously set in. This list is most definitely TO BE CONTINUED...

change of summer plans

A legitimate dance around my room occurred after receiving a phone call (mid-nap, mind you) that alerted me of my acceptance to Thomson Reuters' internship program. I had to give the PR place a kind letter of rejection... oh well! I have never been more excited about an opportunity before! My summer is set from June 1st-August 21st. =) It will definitely be a whirl wind of a season. In my three weeks off, I'll be on the Cape celebrating the end of junior year and am currently considering a jaunt to visit some family in Tucson, Arizona...

On another note, we all survived Spring Weekend at Stonehill, which is not an easy feat. Sara Bareilles rocked hard. Her best song was a cover of Umbrella (ella) that she enhanced with some intense abilities on the ukelaylee. Three 6 Mafia, on the other hand, was too concerned with reeling in "sexy white ladies" to the stage. What a show.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

honesty makes me smile

There are a few things that I can't live without: my MacBook, my Blackberry, my hot rollers that I accidentally left at home and am now without back at college, but most importantly, my Rayban aviators. They bring me so much happiness and have literally taken me from high school to college to London to Paris and to the moon and back. Today, while accidentally spending $50 bucks on junk food while making a quick trip for water bottles at Stop & Shop, my Raybans got lost. I began freaking out in the car after realizing they were no longer with me. However, the honesty of Massachusetts kept them planted on top of the Snapple bottles in asile six where I absentent-mindedly placed them. Phew!

On another note, it's officially Spring! Stonehill almost hit 70 degrees. Almost...

Here's hoping for the weekend! I'm havign too much fun wearing flip flops! ;-)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

an appetizer to top them all

Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder. When I'm at school in my [essentially] kitchenless dorm, I always crave the comfort of an afternoon in the kitchen. Before traveling abroad, my culinary skills were limited to boiling water for tea and rigatoni. However, after a few trips to Tesco, the London land of all things grocery-related, I gained some skills and became a huge fan of kitchen creations. For Easter Saturday, I'm whipping up this delicious appetizer (recipe courtesy of my dear friend AC!) for my family's Happy Hour. I hope you, too, will bond over baked brie! It's SUPER easy:

1 Wheel Brie
1 Container Allouette (I recommend garlic and herb!)
1 Cylinder Pillsbury Crescent rolls
Apples (sliced in wedges)

Directions: Cut the skin off the brie and coat in a generous layer of Allouette. Spray a baking pan with Pam. Wrap the coated brie in crescent rolls and bake at 350 for 20 minutes, or until golden brown. Serve with apples, crackers, and most importantly, some nice wine! =)

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

for the runners out there

I am probably late in making this discovery, but recently became a huge fan of MapMyRun. It was especially useful today when I designed a jog through my old stomping ground, now that I'm back on the Island for Easter break. I sense a new addiction coming on...

my favorite find

While accompanying my sister on her afternoon journey for a prom dress, I figured some shopping for myself was very necessary, as well. Scanning the shelves and rummaging the racks at one of my favorite hit-or-miss locales, I started to get discouraged. I consider myself the queen of hit-or-miss shopping, but was having no such luck today. I always manage to find something amazing among the collection of cast away dresses and tops, but my efforts were not looking so hot... until we entered the fitting room, that is! Among the rack of "don't wants" and "didn't fits" hung this fantasticly gorgeous silk Lilly shift that left me giddy and hopeful that my reign as the bargain shopping queen was not yet over. But even better than that was the fact that the dress is a size that I haven't fit into since I was a freshman in HIGH SCHOOL! This 10K training is seriously reaping some ravishing results!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

i want it all

On of my favorite blogs finally added some prep to its posts. This is seriously me in a nutshell. Thank God for TJ Maxx... ;-)

freshmen, freshmen, freshmen, freshmen...

Sometimes you come across a song that completely captures your state of mind. As September rolls around, no tune bids so long to sweet summer better than Dashboard's "Age Six Racer." As the warm months approach, nothing tops wasting away again Margaritaville with Jimmy Buffett. Winter wins with Mariah's fabulously overplayed jingle of wanting nothing but "you" for Christmas. Nowadays, as I can barely grasp the fact that I am about to embark on my senior year of college, no song sounds sweeter than Asher Roth's "I Love College." Sadly true and keenly observant, this rap, with its references to Thirsty Thursdays and dollar slices of pizza, makes me realize what an absolute dream college is... Time to do somethin' crazy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

way too high

Until now, I'd say that Heidi could do no wrong, but this preview of her Vogue shoot has me singing a seriously different tune. I doubt that even Posh herself would don this pair of Alexander McQueen's overdone attempt at mile-high-club-worthy platforms. I'd like to see the Project Runway maven walk in these...

On another shoe-related note, I have decided that since I'll be reeling in some bread this summer, the Tory Burch Reva Flats are well-worth the splurge due to their complimenting abilities as chic and multi-seasonal footwear. Saving is so not in my nature anymore...

who wants bailey's?

There's something about this YouTube gem that never fails to have me on the floor in a fit of laughter and, well, to be bluntly honest, bladder distress. Mitty Moo's "The Christmas Tree" is now a multi-seasonal favorite of mine that brings the baddest Brooklyn accent to life. An oldie but goodie that will never die out? I like to think so.