Thursday, April 30, 2009

almost there

In exactly a week, I will ditch the dorm. The papers will be put away; the typing will be timed out; the exams will be no more. In exactly a week, I will enter the Cape. The flip-flops will flourish; the sun will stay; the tan lines might linger; the stress will stop. My three-week summer, about to jump-start with a week of debauchery, drinks, dining, and delightfulness, is calling my name, but the din of 10-pagers and all nighters is unfortunately blocking it out. However, on an academically amusing note, my obsession with Legally Blonde has finally meandered into a useful portion of my life by way of a nine-page semiotic analysis of Elle Woods, the ultimate California Beach Blonde. With references to the "Bend and Snap" and quotes from the princess of pink herself, my paper, I must admit, was definitely an entertaining one to write.

In addition, as today marks the last day of classes of my junior year, I can just about call myself a college senior. A senior! Seriously, when did that happen? I feel like I was perusing Bed, Bath & Beyond just yesterday to purchase the perfect comforter for my freshman year dorm room. I need more time! =)


The Cape House said...

Ditto! One more week and I will be crossing the Bourne Bridge! Or taking the Cape Cod tunnel ;)