Sunday, April 19, 2009

change of summer plans

A legitimate dance around my room occurred after receiving a phone call (mid-nap, mind you) that alerted me of my acceptance to Thomson Reuters' internship program. I had to give the PR place a kind letter of rejection... oh well! I have never been more excited about an opportunity before! My summer is set from June 1st-August 21st. =) It will definitely be a whirl wind of a season. In my three weeks off, I'll be on the Cape celebrating the end of junior year and am currently considering a jaunt to visit some family in Tucson, Arizona...

On another note, we all survived Spring Weekend at Stonehill, which is not an easy feat. Sara Bareilles rocked hard. Her best song was a cover of Umbrella (ella) that she enhanced with some intense abilities on the ukelaylee. Three 6 Mafia, on the other hand, was too concerned with reeling in "sexy white ladies" to the stage. What a show.