Thursday, May 27, 2010

Post College Observations 8-10

8. Mamadukes is a huge Lady GaGa fan. I'm not kidding: we just folded laundry to the tune Alejandro. To quote my life-giver, "She's like my Madonna!"

9. The first two "housewares" that I've purchased for the "Queen[']s Palace" are a bright green tea kettle and a matching colander. My Sleepytime tea and pasta addictions can now rest easy, assuming I don't burn the house down in the process... ;-)

10. Hairdressers are wonderful human beings. I spend a delightful afternoon with my dear S, and his magic is unparalleled. I feel so zen.

See you Tuesday. I'm off to the Cape (again), for some patriotic pool side sunning. XOXO.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Post College Observations 1-7

1. Practical gifts make the best gifts. Case in point: cousin and blog faithful BE got me a microwave for my new bachelorette pad. The ease it will bring to my life next week, as I tackle living on my own for the very first time, will be astronomically unparalleled.

2. I am officially the BEST CANDIDATE EVER for credit cards. Clearly, that's coated with sarcasm. Chase, AmEx, Capital One, and Discover, however, are in a heated battle, vying for my economic affections like tooth and nail. I'll remain a VISA faithful.

3. Investigating how to hook up a freaking Internet connection is going to be the death of me. Living with no Internet or Cable TV is clearly a non-option for this reality-loving blogger.

4. Graduation gift check$ make me feel that milk and bread will be not be so impossible to access for the two weeks before my first fabulous paycheck. Family and friends, y'all are wonderful! ;-)

5. My new next door neighbors have IRISH BROGUES. And a pool. It's time to make new friends, don't ya think?

6. I am ashamed to admit this, but I considered commuting in sneakers for about three seconds yesterday. And that's about 3 seconds too long than I should have. But honestly... my 12-minute walk to the train could do some serious damage to a collection of shoes that cost a lifetime of blood, sweat, and tears.

7. Air conditioning is a luxury that I will learn to do without. Oh, the tears...

Sunday, May 23, 2010


It happened. I graduated Stonehill. I need about 48 straight hours of sleep to catch up on the past week. I'm still here, though. I've got some serious tales to tell, so stay tuned!

Monday, May 10, 2010

You know you're an English major when...

...books with titles such as Skin Shows, Sexual Anarchy, and Epistemology of the Closet don't make you flinch anymore.

...someone's use of the word "their" instead of "there" makes you twitch.

...a fourteen-hour day in a library computer lab is commonplace.

Just thought I'd check in and let you know that I'm still here, still alive, and still plugging through finals. Today, I spent 14+ hours dabbling with Dracula. It's gonna be a long week.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

last day of school?!?!?!

When I was in middle school, during our last day of classes before the summer began, the music teachers wold blast -- and I mean blast! -- that song that goes something like "School'sssss. Out. For. The Summer!" Today is no different. Today is my last day of classes at Stonehill.

When did this happen?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Since the last day of classes means the first day of finals is just around the corner, I'm sure you can understand my recent lack of posts. I'm already behind on Gossip Girl and GLEE! =(

Until next time...