Monday, September 28, 2009

While I've got a case of the Mondays...

...I've got lots to look forward to in the upcoming two weeks. Let's discuss. I'll start small.

1. Gossip Girl is on tonight. Yet again, I'm trapped in the library, doing my "Writing Consultant" thang -- a.k.a. heaps of homework, bits of blogging, and pounds of procrastinating -- during show time, so my 1 AM snuggle sesh with greatstufftv/ch131/hulu/you-name-the-"legal"-tv-watching-website can't come soon enough. (Side note: I'm yet to see Blair Waldorf actually listen to the fair Dan Humphrey, so, though the Queen Bee is dethroned at press time (Ha. Don't I wish!), I'm hoping the starving poet's whole "No headbands in college" rant is short-lived. I love Blair. I love her headbands more.)

2. Quincy's Quest for a Cure hit it's fund raising goal! Any additional donations, however, are more than welcome. I'm also taking donations for a new watch, if you're interested in supporting my cause. In the words of Rachel Zoe, Michael's (yes, that's intentional first-name usage) wondrous tortoise shell watch makes me "die." (Side note: Dear TR, Hire me. I miss you. I miss the paychecks more.)

3. A la Joey, Pacy, Jen, and Dawson, of course, I'll be Cape Side this Friday for some Stonehill bonding. While I hear the location of Friday's event is a bit "rustic," it's sandwiched in Sandwich (I think. Hyannis or Dennis just wouldn't serve the same pun) between forest and beach, which makes for a pretty precious weekend to come. (Side note: Bugs beware when KR is there. I kind of hate you, but bug bites? Those I hate more.)

4. ML is rumored to be shacking up in Massachusetts with a "special friend" of hers this upcoming weekend... and I say that with the utmost respect for the faux-pants wearing Physician's Assistant-in-training who is one of my most loyal readers and best friends. (Side note: ML, I miss your cranberry leggings, but I miss you more. That's all I'm going to say...)

5. The Alamo is a hop, skip, speedy drive, quick flight, and lengthy layover away. Maybe I'll be the next best thing to come out of [albeit a short lived trip to] Texas. (Side note: Kanye (that died down pretty fast, don't you think), your catchy raps are pretty impressive, but I'll always love Taylor more.)

Have a tres fab week, everyone!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brain Conditioning

Pre-mature senioritis is deadly when you've got an exam, a paper, and a whole slew of work to do in the upcoming week. Here are some things I've done over the weekend to prolong the process. Ah, procrastination!

1. Marathoned 4 hours of Sex and the City. Some thoughts: Firstly, dumping Aidan was the poorest decision Carrie ever made. Secondly, Trey kind of freaks me out. Thirdly, and most importantly, wearing a brassier on the OUTSIDE of a shirt was the poorest "fashion forward" decision I've ever seen on the show.

2. Vacuumed my room.

3. Made popcorn.

4. Shotgunned through the Back Bay neighborhood of the Bean with KA. Hunted for a parking spot for several hours. Strolled Newbury Street. Considered breaking the bank. Splurged on dinner at Stephanie's. Heaven, heaven, heaven by way of tortellini with peas.

5. Searched flights to London. A gal can only dream...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dive bars and benefactors

Yesterday, I was privilege to attend a hoity-toity dedication dinner in honor of Stonehill's New Science Center. After weeks of speculation over the name of the building -- they couldn't seriously call it the New Science Center forever, right?! -- the $33 million space's name was announced: in honor of a $7 MILLION (jaksdhflkasjlkjhqlrewrhlthljkhlkjrwe?!?!) donation from a unbelievably generous family, the Shields Science Center was born. Among the company of honored guests, benefactors, and faculty, I chowed down on fillet mignon and scallops, making sure to save room for the chocolate tart dessert. And even better than the purple flower garnish-adorned mooing cow upon my plate was the open bar, from which wine, beer, and cocktails flowed throughout the evening. What a lovely night!

...but that's not all. To further my Thursday festivities, I traveled from a fancy atrium to the black hole of Easton: Buddy's Union Villa. I can't even call this place a dive bar. Filled with sketchtastic unemployed townies sporting mullets, cut-off t-shirts, and the unfortunate desire to serenade the crowd with karaoke renditions of "I Wanna Know What Love Is" and "Summer Nights," Buddy's is by far the grossest bar I've set foot in. Now, I'll fully admit that my summer spent surfing the watering holes from Murray Hill to the Meatpacking District makes me a bit biased here, but this place is even worse than Rudy's, NYC's off-kilter public house, famous for its free hot dogs. And that says a lot!

Despite the less than stellar local crowd, however, Buddy's fills with Stonehill's finest every Thursday evening. Most enjoyable is the clear distinction between the regulars and the co-eds. Maybe it's just me, but something tells me the locals hug the walls for a reason: getting caught amongst a sea of beer-chugging, pastel-wearing boys would seriously tarnish their townieness. All in all though, I can't say I hated it. There's something bittersweet about the sticky floor and swaying (ahem) customers.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've realized that, since departing from the City of Dreams for Easton, MA, the "bargain-hunting" branch of my blog has been a bit week. (Easton is a tad shabby when it comes to scoring amazing sales on the streets.) After re-reading yesterday's post about the raspberry-hue American Apparel leggings, I realized that HauteLook is an "invite only" online sample sale. However, as my dear readers, you are all privilege to an invitation to the three online sample sale e-mails I receive each morning: HauteLook, RueLaLa, and iDeeli. Turned on to these sites by the bodacious BT (who is MOVING TO MANHATTAN ON OCTOBER 1st!), I've had some great luck since joining them in July. Tory Burch, Seven for All Mankind, J Brand, and Toy Watch are some frequent sales, to name a few. To hop on the bargain bandwagon, simply list my gmail address when you register! (Comment if you need the address.) Happy shopping!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Would you still be my friend if I wore...

...this gold lame body suit? Yeah, I didn't think so. I wouldn't want to be my friend, either. Gold lame belongs on Elvis -- and Elvis alone. But these raspberry leggings!? Well, despite having gams that are probably 500 times the size of this model's (she's rocking some pretty faboosh sunglasses, I must add), I just have to make these mine. American Apparel is hosting a killer sale on HauteLook today, which makes the foxy faux-pants go from a steep $26 to a sweet $13. That's less than I spend on weekend entertainment! Tie that in with the fact that I, as a recessionista, can't resist a sale, you've got a shopping savvy sister who is currently cursing herself in the library, wishing she could yell "Accio Credit Card!" a la Harry Potter. I've got two hours left until my shift in the Writing Center ends, after which I plan on making a hot beeline back to my dorm to score the "berry" cute stretchy ladies. (What a great pun! That cleverness is probably why Stonehill pays me the big bucks to help struggling writers on their papers. Ha. Blah.)

...which brings me to my next point! Poor grammar makes me want to pull a Kanye. In the words of Katy Perry, "It's like he stepped on a kitten." Despite the fact that any and all members of the feline family frighten me, I'll go with the analogy on this one: when someone mixes up "your" and "you're," or "they're," "there," and "their," it makes me want to step on a kitten. Pardon my rant; I'm really quite the Switzerland when it comes to physical violence.

Also, I've noticed something a bit peculiar in the Stonehill cafeteria these days. KA and I have had many the bonding experience over our mutual hatred of "the most important meal of the day." Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know breakfast is supposed to kick-start my metabolism, but I still can't stomach anything but a granola bar before 11 AM. Anyhow, when I see people downing Cheerios or Special K for dinner, I honestly don't get it! Maybe it's just me and my food baby, but dinner trumps breakfast by a landslide! Maybe someone can explain her reasoning? (I would say a politically correct "his" here, but let's be real: it's clearly not the dudes who down a Kellog's creation after 5 PM...)

That's all for now. Billy Shakes calls. Enjoy tonight's Gossip Girl -- hopefully Dan got a hair cut!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

hi yall

In 18 days, I make my entrance to the land of the Alamo! While I hope my Texan relatives have not jumped on the "yall" bandwagon (despite living in Tucson before San Antonio, they're born and bred New Yorkers at heart, so saying "yall" would be sinful), I'm looking forward to witnessing the Southwestern way of life, and not just because I have an extreme affinity for south-of-the-border cuisine, cowboy boots, and -- okay, I admit it -- the occasional country ballad. (I live with a gal whose ambition in life is a Texas zip code. It's impossible to not embrace the musical stylings of Sugarland and Little Big Town.) Described by Aunt L as a place where every woman is manicured to the max, Texas seems like a land of big hair and bigger personalities. Enter KR...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quincy's Quest for a Cure

On Sunday, October 4th, Stonehill's Quincy House will be "Making Strides" through Boston to support the fight against breast cancer. Each step we make and each dollar we donate is another stride closer to a cure. I am walking for anyone who has been afftected by breast cancer -- be it physically or emotionally. Every penny counts! If you are interested in making a donation, please visit my personal site and join to support your friends, family, and strangers far and wide who are currently battling breast cancer. I'm forever indebted for any assistance you can offer.

Now on to today's topic! Staying in line with the day's theme of "making strides," jump a few steps in front of your potential job competition by reading this SavvySugar post, which I found by way of Working Girl. (These are two absolute must-read blogs for the Corporate Carolines and Business Brittanys out there in our working world of unemployment and unpaid positions. Check 'em out!) As you already know, nailing a job interview is key (duh). I found this post especially helpful, as it tackles the troubling moment when an interviewer asks if "you have any questions for him/her?" The Thomson Reuters' recruiting team hosted a workshop on this topic during the end of my internship, stressing that the questions you ask are far more important than the responses you give. (Crazy, right?!) The gals at SavvySugar were right in line with the suggestions I heard back in August, so mad props to them!

I've been on quite a few job interviews in my day. I've been to the Michael Kors headquarters, where a team of hungry, hungry, hungry HR girls questioned my credentials; I've chatted with celebrity bloggers atop Penn Plaza; and I've sold myself over the phone. Despite my 21-ness, I think I've picked up a good set of interviewing strategies over the years. Read on if you're interested:

1. Wear a suit. It doesn't matter how professional your little black dress is, or how aaahhhh-maaaazingggg your skirt makes your tush look. Wear a freaking suit! And heels. And minimal jewelery. It's not the time to bling.

2. Have a firm handshake! On the second day of my Business "Capstone" class, Prof. W. taught us how to shake hands. No joke! I failed big time with my weak grip, but I'm working on it! According to him -- and he's an ex-CEO, with much, much more professional clout than yours truly! -- don't be the first to break eye contact. This is scary stuff -- try practicing with a cute boy to replicate the nervousness. (Ha...)

3. Smile! A smile will get you anywhere.

4. Arrive 10 minutes before you're expected to arrive. 15 is overkill. 5 is cutting it close. 1 is grounds for not even showing up.

5. This suggestion comes from the October issue of Cosmopolitan: style your hair professionally. A sleek bun or clean blow-out is the way to roll . According to the article, your hair is the first thing interviewers notice.

6. For phone interviews, dress as if you're on a real job interview. It will put your head in the zone. Your friends may laugh, but don't fret -- you'll be the one guzzling Grey Goose in a room of Rubinoff!

Take 'em, or leave 'em. They've worked for me... thus far! Here's hoping, and happy job hunting!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

KR's Kanye Controversy Commentary

WELL NOW! In the words of the rapper whose name clouds just about every Facebook and Twitter status on this very VMA evening, "This is bad, real bad." You'd think a national tragedy struck this evening, but no. My Stonehill townhouse of T. Swift superfans were just in utter outrage when Mr. West stole the princess of country's thunder -- just seconds after Madge paid tribute to America's favorite pedophile. To say the least, it was an interesting start to the music awards ceremony that I still associate with Christina Aguilera's pink and feathered Cavalli dress, Lil Kim's infamous "jiggle," and Britney's atrocious "come back" circa "BLACKOUT." Now, though, my previous VMA memories are clogged with images of Lady GaGa's facial coverings (Um?), Pink's Cirque du Soleil-esque trapeze act (I was entertained, I'll admit it), and the aforementioned acrobat and SheWolf's identical dress (Neither wore it best: Pink's arms looked manly -- surely due to those mid-air flips! -- and Shakira's boots were a bit to domanatrix for my liking.).

Despite the show's countless bits of mindless entertainment, however, the highlight of the evening was certainly Sasha Fierce's speech, which allowed Little Miss Taylor to thank her director, little brother's high school, and MySpace fans. I've never seen a stronger (pun DEFINITELY intended, Kanye) display of positive public relations on the part of Ms. Fierce and her team of image consultants. Beyonce's class, despite being an effort with "free press" written all over it, made me love the non-single lady even more. New (albeit unattainable...) life mission: learn to dance like Beyonce and her two back-up booty shakers. (Side note, and yes-I-Know-this-is-old-news): One of them is a tranny! I still can't get over that. It makes me miss Natasha -- the Thai tranny I met on a bus trip to Amsterdam last October. (S)he and I chatted about the wonders of New York fashion, among other things, until (s)he was held at the Calais border and not permitted back into the UK, that is. I don't know about you, but I've got a hunch that it had something to do with the fact that her (his?) passport read MALE! Yes. This actually happened. It was the highlight of my European excursions.)

But back to the VMAs! Here are five quick, closing observations:

1. I can't say I'm gaga for GaGa. From her Kermit the Frog escort to her insane outfits, the Yonkers native took things a bit too far this evening. To those out there who claim she's the new Madonna, hush up! It's not going to happen.

2. Speaking of Madge, her MJ-loving speech bothered me. It tried to cover up his shady ways a bit too hard. I love the man's music, don't get me wrong, but in the words of my boldly blunt Aunt J (who also happens to be the world's greatest Material Girl fan), "At least there's one less child abuser on the street!" Stick to Kaballah, M.

3. How can you pay tribute to MJ without MOONWALKING to Billie Jean? I may or may not have screamed at the TV when that didn't happen. Seriously?

4. Where was Lily Allen?! If there's a new Madonna out there, it's certainly the Brit whose lyrics push every boundary imaginable. (Well, maybe not the new Madonna... I don't see Lily singing about boys who are "really mean" (ahem.) while crawling across a stage in a wedding dress...)

5. The VMAs belong in NYC.

Goodnight to all. Team Taylor 4-eva. Ha. (Don't I sound like a middle school-aged biddy?)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


"Leggings are not pants; they're a privilege," said the other KR via ML many moons ago. While my body's probably too bootylicious to really exercise said privilege, I do so anyways. I can't help but don leggings on Wednesdays, when my day is spent sitting at a desk for 7.5 hours. That's right. 7.5 hours of class! It was much easier to sit at a desk when each minute meant a steady flow of income.

After my mission to find a nice array of stretchy non-pants, I turned to the obvious answer in American Apparel and stocked my overstuffed dorm room dresser with black, navy, and hunter green pairs. Le sigh. I could get used to these. Jeans seem so binding after a morning in the ultra-comfy privilege non-pants.

In other news, here are five things on my mind this morning:

1. The cafe is serving my favorite soup today. Is it pathetic that beef chili really makes smile?
2. AR (the sis) is adjusting to her freshman year at Stonehill quite well, which makes her older sis not only proud, but pretty relaxed, as well!
3. The Weeds finale made me jump. It was total insanity. Go Shane!
4. My weekend starts at 11:15 AM tomorrow. YES.
5. I finally have grown to like my new bob. It's actually quite versatile!



Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Maybe it's the Lily Allen I blasted non-stop yesterday morning, or the London-inspired necklace KA surprised me with this afternoon, or the fact that I wake up to a poster of Big Benji himself, but lately, I just can't get the thought of a six hour flight to London off my mind. I crave the pleasant burn of a Snake Bite; I miss the haute couture of Oxford St. fashionistas; I daydream of mindless double-decker bus rides across the River Thames. This time last fall, I was deep into my "study" abroad experience, and this fall just doesn't compare. I love being at Stonehill, don't get me wrong, but I miss the freedom to jetset to Paris, Amsterdam, Galway, or Rome at the drop of a nova plaid hat. My only current connection with the Brits is a critical analysis of marriage performance in the Taming of the Shrew that's looming over my day. Ugh. Shakespeare, oh how you thrill me...

I apologize for the recent lack of blogging. My life was far more fabulous when I had frequent run-ins with F-list reality stars on the streets of NYC. However, the roomie, JT, has a Brit visiting for the next few days, which I'm sure will allow some stories to ensue...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

to the bean we go

One of my housemates, the ultra-fab LR, is graciously hosting her 21st b-day on a party bus! I'm totally stoked! Tomorrow night, my entire house, plus a few randos, will embark on a journey from Stonehill to the heart of the bean for a night of barhopping in Faneuil Hall! My goal of working my way through Boston is off to a great start!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

time warping

Though I just curled my hair to the beat of "Renegade" by Styx (I'm still on my Rock of Ages high, and it might never end...), I can't stop thinking about my new, ultra-fab revival recording of The Rocky Horror Show. The recording's rendition of "Time Warp" is unparalleled -- I haven't stopped putting my hands on my hips and pelvic thrusting since I received the "YOU HAVE A PACKAGE" e-mail from the Stonehill mailroom. Ah, college. If only it could be delivered straight to my dorm...

Speaking of dorms, though, it's hard to grasp the concept that this is the last time I'll be living in a grimy-yet-amazing college bedroom/living room/dance floor/movie screening room/dining room/counseling center. With my roommate JT in deep reminiscence mode, I couldn't help but think about how college is truly the easiest and most enjoyable time of life. Food comes on a tray and dishes go on a conveyor belt. Friends are just next door. Playing music way too loud is the only acceptable way to do so. Wednesday counts as the weekend.

You know, I don't even mind that I have classes from 1-5 today. At least I'm in college, living the dream!