Sunday, September 20, 2009

hi yall

In 18 days, I make my entrance to the land of the Alamo! While I hope my Texan relatives have not jumped on the "yall" bandwagon (despite living in Tucson before San Antonio, they're born and bred New Yorkers at heart, so saying "yall" would be sinful), I'm looking forward to witnessing the Southwestern way of life, and not just because I have an extreme affinity for south-of-the-border cuisine, cowboy boots, and -- okay, I admit it -- the occasional country ballad. (I live with a gal whose ambition in life is a Texas zip code. It's impossible to not embrace the musical stylings of Sugarland and Little Big Town.) Described by Aunt L as a place where every woman is manicured to the max, Texas seems like a land of big hair and bigger personalities. Enter KR...