Monday, September 28, 2009

While I've got a case of the Mondays...

...I've got lots to look forward to in the upcoming two weeks. Let's discuss. I'll start small.

1. Gossip Girl is on tonight. Yet again, I'm trapped in the library, doing my "Writing Consultant" thang -- a.k.a. heaps of homework, bits of blogging, and pounds of procrastinating -- during show time, so my 1 AM snuggle sesh with greatstufftv/ch131/hulu/you-name-the-"legal"-tv-watching-website can't come soon enough. (Side note: I'm yet to see Blair Waldorf actually listen to the fair Dan Humphrey, so, though the Queen Bee is dethroned at press time (Ha. Don't I wish!), I'm hoping the starving poet's whole "No headbands in college" rant is short-lived. I love Blair. I love her headbands more.)

2. Quincy's Quest for a Cure hit it's fund raising goal! Any additional donations, however, are more than welcome. I'm also taking donations for a new watch, if you're interested in supporting my cause. In the words of Rachel Zoe, Michael's (yes, that's intentional first-name usage) wondrous tortoise shell watch makes me "die." (Side note: Dear TR, Hire me. I miss you. I miss the paychecks more.)

3. A la Joey, Pacy, Jen, and Dawson, of course, I'll be Cape Side this Friday for some Stonehill bonding. While I hear the location of Friday's event is a bit "rustic," it's sandwiched in Sandwich (I think. Hyannis or Dennis just wouldn't serve the same pun) between forest and beach, which makes for a pretty precious weekend to come. (Side note: Bugs beware when KR is there. I kind of hate you, but bug bites? Those I hate more.)

4. ML is rumored to be shacking up in Massachusetts with a "special friend" of hers this upcoming weekend... and I say that with the utmost respect for the faux-pants wearing Physician's Assistant-in-training who is one of my most loyal readers and best friends. (Side note: ML, I miss your cranberry leggings, but I miss you more. That's all I'm going to say...)

5. The Alamo is a hop, skip, speedy drive, quick flight, and lengthy layover away. Maybe I'll be the next best thing to come out of [albeit a short lived trip to] Texas. (Side note: Kanye (that died down pretty fast, don't you think), your catchy raps are pretty impressive, but I'll always love Taylor more.)

Have a tres fab week, everyone!


Ashley said...

Just tagged you for an award!

ML said...

i feel honored to have made it into a post! aslo i'm more than excited to be reunited with you this weekend :)

ML said...

or also..haha