Monday, September 21, 2009

Would you still be my friend if I wore...

...this gold lame body suit? Yeah, I didn't think so. I wouldn't want to be my friend, either. Gold lame belongs on Elvis -- and Elvis alone. But these raspberry leggings!? Well, despite having gams that are probably 500 times the size of this model's (she's rocking some pretty faboosh sunglasses, I must add), I just have to make these mine. American Apparel is hosting a killer sale on HauteLook today, which makes the foxy faux-pants go from a steep $26 to a sweet $13. That's less than I spend on weekend entertainment! Tie that in with the fact that I, as a recessionista, can't resist a sale, you've got a shopping savvy sister who is currently cursing herself in the library, wishing she could yell "Accio Credit Card!" a la Harry Potter. I've got two hours left until my shift in the Writing Center ends, after which I plan on making a hot beeline back to my dorm to score the "berry" cute stretchy ladies. (What a great pun! That cleverness is probably why Stonehill pays me the big bucks to help struggling writers on their papers. Ha. Blah.)

...which brings me to my next point! Poor grammar makes me want to pull a Kanye. In the words of Katy Perry, "It's like he stepped on a kitten." Despite the fact that any and all members of the feline family frighten me, I'll go with the analogy on this one: when someone mixes up "your" and "you're," or "they're," "there," and "their," it makes me want to step on a kitten. Pardon my rant; I'm really quite the Switzerland when it comes to physical violence.

Also, I've noticed something a bit peculiar in the Stonehill cafeteria these days. KA and I have had many the bonding experience over our mutual hatred of "the most important meal of the day." Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know breakfast is supposed to kick-start my metabolism, but I still can't stomach anything but a granola bar before 11 AM. Anyhow, when I see people downing Cheerios or Special K for dinner, I honestly don't get it! Maybe it's just me and my food baby, but dinner trumps breakfast by a landslide! Maybe someone can explain her reasoning? (I would say a politically correct "his" here, but let's be real: it's clearly not the dudes who down a Kellog's creation after 5 PM...)

That's all for now. Billy Shakes calls. Enjoy tonight's Gossip Girl -- hopefully Dan got a hair cut!


Suz said...

So much to comment on...

thank you for introducing me to Katy Perry's spot-on analysis of the Kanye debacle...poetic.

Your (see, not you're) rant on proper grammar and Kanye's sparing usage of said general rules of the English language could only have been improved if you had written it in ALL CAPS...a true homage to Mr. West and his utter impropriety in all things polite and appropriate.

Dinner for dinner...dinner for breakfast...I never got the cereal at all meals thing, but I will admit that, as a Stonehill co-ed, I would enjoy a nice bowl of Apple Jacks for dessert. Yum.

ML said...

ugh missed gg last night because i was at sushi samba! but i could not agree more on the dan needing a haircut comment.

ditto on the bad grammar. (the your/you're mix up is the WORST!)

as for the cereal for dinner- i can admit to having done that on occasion.. but usually only when nothing in the dining hall seemed appetizing. i'm not nearly that pro-ana.