Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quincy's Quest for a Cure

On Sunday, October 4th, Stonehill's Quincy House will be "Making Strides" through Boston to support the fight against breast cancer. Each step we make and each dollar we donate is another stride closer to a cure. I am walking for anyone who has been afftected by breast cancer -- be it physically or emotionally. Every penny counts! If you are interested in making a donation, please visit my personal site and join to support your friends, family, and strangers far and wide who are currently battling breast cancer. I'm forever indebted for any assistance you can offer.

Now on to today's topic! Staying in line with the day's theme of "making strides," jump a few steps in front of your potential job competition by reading this SavvySugar post, which I found by way of Working Girl. (These are two absolute must-read blogs for the Corporate Carolines and Business Brittanys out there in our working world of unemployment and unpaid positions. Check 'em out!) As you already know, nailing a job interview is key (duh). I found this post especially helpful, as it tackles the troubling moment when an interviewer asks if "you have any questions for him/her?" The Thomson Reuters' recruiting team hosted a workshop on this topic during the end of my internship, stressing that the questions you ask are far more important than the responses you give. (Crazy, right?!) The gals at SavvySugar were right in line with the suggestions I heard back in August, so mad props to them!

I've been on quite a few job interviews in my day. I've been to the Michael Kors headquarters, where a team of hungry, hungry, hungry HR girls questioned my credentials; I've chatted with celebrity bloggers atop Penn Plaza; and I've sold myself over the phone. Despite my 21-ness, I think I've picked up a good set of interviewing strategies over the years. Read on if you're interested:

1. Wear a suit. It doesn't matter how professional your little black dress is, or how aaahhhh-maaaazingggg your skirt makes your tush look. Wear a freaking suit! And heels. And minimal jewelery. It's not the time to bling.

2. Have a firm handshake! On the second day of my Business "Capstone" class, Prof. W. taught us how to shake hands. No joke! I failed big time with my weak grip, but I'm working on it! According to him -- and he's an ex-CEO, with much, much more professional clout than yours truly! -- don't be the first to break eye contact. This is scary stuff -- try practicing with a cute boy to replicate the nervousness. (Ha...)

3. Smile! A smile will get you anywhere.

4. Arrive 10 minutes before you're expected to arrive. 15 is overkill. 5 is cutting it close. 1 is grounds for not even showing up.

5. This suggestion comes from the October issue of Cosmopolitan: style your hair professionally. A sleek bun or clean blow-out is the way to roll . According to the article, your hair is the first thing interviewers notice.

6. For phone interviews, dress as if you're on a real job interview. It will put your head in the zone. Your friends may laugh, but don't fret -- you'll be the one guzzling Grey Goose in a room of Rubinoff!

Take 'em, or leave 'em. They've worked for me... thus far! Here's hoping, and happy job hunting!