Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brain Conditioning

Pre-mature senioritis is deadly when you've got an exam, a paper, and a whole slew of work to do in the upcoming week. Here are some things I've done over the weekend to prolong the process. Ah, procrastination!

1. Marathoned 4 hours of Sex and the City. Some thoughts: Firstly, dumping Aidan was the poorest decision Carrie ever made. Secondly, Trey kind of freaks me out. Thirdly, and most importantly, wearing a brassier on the OUTSIDE of a shirt was the poorest "fashion forward" decision I've ever seen on the show.

2. Vacuumed my room.

3. Made popcorn.

4. Shotgunned through the Back Bay neighborhood of the Bean with KA. Hunted for a parking spot for several hours. Strolled Newbury Street. Considered breaking the bank. Splurged on dinner at Stephanie's. Heaven, heaven, heaven by way of tortellini with peas.

5. Searched flights to London. A gal can only dream...


ML said...

once upon a time...we dined at stephanie's on newbury st with a certain family member of mine.

i'm going to MA this friday evening and will be staying in hanover with TB/attending the BC game on sat. maybe we can meet up sometime?