Tuesday, September 1, 2009

time warping

Though I just curled my hair to the beat of "Renegade" by Styx (I'm still on my Rock of Ages high, and it might never end...), I can't stop thinking about my new, ultra-fab revival recording of The Rocky Horror Show. The recording's rendition of "Time Warp" is unparalleled -- I haven't stopped putting my hands on my hips and pelvic thrusting since I received the "YOU HAVE A PACKAGE" e-mail from the Stonehill mailroom. Ah, college. If only it could be delivered straight to my dorm...

Speaking of dorms, though, it's hard to grasp the concept that this is the last time I'll be living in a grimy-yet-amazing college bedroom/living room/dance floor/movie screening room/dining room/counseling center. With my roommate JT in deep reminiscence mode, I couldn't help but think about how college is truly the easiest and most enjoyable time of life. Food comes on a tray and dishes go on a conveyor belt. Friends are just next door. Playing music way too loud is the only acceptable way to do so. Wednesday counts as the weekend.

You know, I don't even mind that I have classes from 1-5 today. At least I'm in college, living the dream!


ML said...

two things:
1) i eventually need to get a copy of this amazing rocky horror recording. also- on a rando show tunes note- do you have the wedding singer soundtrack? i realize i am lacking these things in life.

2) start checking your calendar..i'm starting to plan my fall and with ND & BC football, work and visits with TB i'm starting to get booked up and want to solidify plans for a stonehill trip!