Monday, January 31, 2011

Quote of the Week

After RJ broke his totally trendy shoe while instructing us how to Douglas at last Saturday night's Upper East Side pre-game (let's just say he was really getting into it and got seriously sad on Sunday after hearing he left the watering hole just seconds before the Cali Swag District's dance phenomenon blasted through the speakers of B Bar), he spoke this absolute gem of a statement: "Okay, so this might be one of the gayer things I've ever actually said, but you look very Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada right now." He claimed it was my blazer-and-bangs combo...and he was probably right. It was a pretty good outfit.

Need I list another reason why fabulous girls need fabulous gays?

Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm Back.

Just because my January blog posts were as present as females over size 2 are in my current place of employment (read: I’m definitely the sole employee who has ever experienced the life-changing qualities of Nutella, non-Diet Coke and the general art of snacking), that sure doesn’t mean I have nothing to say. As per usual, I in fact have lots and lots to say about some important things going on in the world:

I disagree with most that Anne Hathaway was the best dressed at the Golden Globes (Catherine Zeta Jones absolutely rocked the house in her perfect gemstone green Monique Lhuillier gown); I support the United States getting disgraced when Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the tan team invade Italy to film Jersey Shore season 4, as it will make for insanely amazing reality TV with which I can overload my DVR (I’m a DVR newbie and—HOLY COW—how did I go 23 years without one?!); I’m incredibly amused by advertisers pulling their campaigns from airing during MTV’s “Skins” (safe for the Real Housewives of DC (zzzzzzz), the pilot was quite possibly the worst TV I've ever watched); and I have finally admitted to myself that my friends (besties who are perfect and amazing and seriously so fun!) and I literally have far too much in common with this list.

Any debate on the above? Let’s dialogue.

Hopefully February will be more “my month” in the blogosphere. Until then, I’m closing out January with board games and an improv comedy show tonight, some Dougie-ing Saturday and some sleeping Sunday. And let’s not forget Le Cirque on Monday! Oh food. Oh how I love thee. God bless us everyone, and God bless Restaurant Week.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Reading, 'riting & 'rithmetic in 2011

Thanks to 99.9% of New Yorkers resolving to “hit the gym more” in 2011, my evenings at Chicquinox have become a little less relaxing in a gym packed to the absolute brim with ladies and gents decked in designer spandex—yes, ladies and gents. Nonetheless, while my goals for the new year do not involve making it onto a treadmill or spin bike thrice weekly (I’m happy to say that I’m already doing that!), they aren’t nonexistent, either. Here’s what I’ve got:

Reading: When I started working in my town library at the ripe age of 14, I wrote my ticket to nerdville. For a total bibliophile, it was a pretty decent gig, and it funded my teenage social habits, such as going out for slices of pizza and seeing a PG-rated movies (Like I said, I was kind of a nerd.). Anyhow, while my love of books never waned—as a proud English major, I have quite the obsession with anything Charles Dickens or F. Scott Fitzgerald composed—my time dedicated to reading, and solely reading, certainly has. As such, I hope to dedicate a little bit of time each day to reading books for pleasure. And by books, I mean both brain cell-killing chick lit (Snooki’s most recent “novel,” anyone?) and a smattering of classics.

riting: Thanks to a team effort by the skinniest foodie I know and my roommate, I can now consider myself a freelance writer! I’m committing myself to write three 500-1000 word stories each week, and as a celebration for shedding my nerdiness and becoming a pretty happening gal about town (ha), plan to put the pennies made into the piggy bank whose sole purpose is to fund my stacked social calendar! You can check out my stories here (just please refrain from judging me on my first topic)!

rithmetic: Though I have a very solid business education, I still need to learn what the heck is going on the financial markets. Well, maybe not learn (I’m not dumb!) as much as I should gain a greater understanding...

Here’s hoping!

As always, have a happy Friday, and make sure to stay fabulous.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Five: Why Fabulous Girls Need Fabulous Gays

Inspired by the Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys website, but not totally sold on the reasons listed, here are my own top five reasons why every straight and fabulous girl needs a gay and fabulous guy. Or, in my case, quite a few gay and fabulous guys. Here goes:

They make insane gym buddies. Prior to becoming one of the Lululemon-clad gym bunnies at Chicquinox, I attended a zone known more for it's bargain than its bombshell clientele. However, what the purple and yellow equipment-filled gym lacked in brand name, it more than made up for in my workout buddy, RJ. During the summer of 2009, we would sweat our brains out, treadmilling and toning in tandem.

They know how to use a camera. Back in September, after bidding BT bon voyage on what I hope is just a temporary stint in Beantown, CM and I passed the time during a gorgeous day in the Meatpacking District by taking pictures in quite fierce poses in front of some interesting guerilla art. No one else would have really "gotten" the glam of the graffitied wall. But CM did!

They. Can. Dance! During my junior year of college, I visited ML at Notre Dame, and was privilege to have met her own army of fabulous gay guys. Her number one, NW, was truly divine, drinking his drink straw-style through a pitcher, in between showing me his best Usher-esque moves and getting lower than low.

They know how to host a smashing soirée. When RJ started dating RW, it was music to my BWLB-loving ears. The adorable Ginger from Long Island not only brings a perpetual smile to my dear friend's face, but he's also become as much a member of our circle of friends as RJ himself. And, to top things off, he is the best party host I have come across in a long time. I'm telling you: his mulled cider is the winter beverage equivalent of Manolo Blahnik's Urban Shoe Myth.

5. And finally, but not most importantly, because I hold all these reasons for having a posse of fabulous gay pals on call equally necessary and important,
they can serve as insta-boyfriends in an absolute pinch! Also, in most cases, they will also dress better than every other gentleman at whatever "plus one" event you attend as a pair, hence making you the most A-plus bombshell in the room. Voila!

So, to all my fabulous gays out there, this one's for you. Thanks for keeping me company at the gym. Thanks for taking pictures of me on my good side. Thanks for the non-stop booty-shaking on the dance floor. Thanks for understanding that Natty Light does not a party beverage make. And, of course, thanks for being my date when I need one. XOXO.