Friday, January 7, 2011

Reading, 'riting & 'rithmetic in 2011

Thanks to 99.9% of New Yorkers resolving to “hit the gym more” in 2011, my evenings at Chicquinox have become a little less relaxing in a gym packed to the absolute brim with ladies and gents decked in designer spandex—yes, ladies and gents. Nonetheless, while my goals for the new year do not involve making it onto a treadmill or spin bike thrice weekly (I’m happy to say that I’m already doing that!), they aren’t nonexistent, either. Here’s what I’ve got:

Reading: When I started working in my town library at the ripe age of 14, I wrote my ticket to nerdville. For a total bibliophile, it was a pretty decent gig, and it funded my teenage social habits, such as going out for slices of pizza and seeing a PG-rated movies (Like I said, I was kind of a nerd.). Anyhow, while my love of books never waned—as a proud English major, I have quite the obsession with anything Charles Dickens or F. Scott Fitzgerald composed—my time dedicated to reading, and solely reading, certainly has. As such, I hope to dedicate a little bit of time each day to reading books for pleasure. And by books, I mean both brain cell-killing chick lit (Snooki’s most recent “novel,” anyone?) and a smattering of classics.

riting: Thanks to a team effort by the skinniest foodie I know and my roommate, I can now consider myself a freelance writer! I’m committing myself to write three 500-1000 word stories each week, and as a celebration for shedding my nerdiness and becoming a pretty happening gal about town (ha), plan to put the pennies made into the piggy bank whose sole purpose is to fund my stacked social calendar! You can check out my stories here (just please refrain from judging me on my first topic)!

rithmetic: Though I have a very solid business education, I still need to learn what the heck is going on the financial markets. Well, maybe not learn (I’m not dumb!) as much as I should gain a greater understanding...

Here’s hoping!

As always, have a happy Friday, and make sure to stay fabulous.


kirstyb said...

oh i know what you mean my gym is horribly packed all the time now - its ok though as they should all dwindle away in the next couple of weeks. xxxx