Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Accenting with Leopard

It's only natural that my 350th post involves my two favorite things: leopard & pink! This outfit epitomizes my love of wearing brights and neons, even when the temperatures drop. Thank you, J.Crew, for knocking it out of the park with a fall collection that's just delectable.

A word that's definitely never made it to the blog before now...

The only thing I’m more terrified of than a world in which Chinese dumplings, Magners cider, pink dye and Tory Burch footwear cease to exist is cats. Once upon a Brooklyn Heights jog, a stray ran out in front of me and spooked me so much, that I halted my run early. But let’s be real—I wasn’t really complaining about that. Maybe it’s because we’re just polar opposites—me, the blogging, open-book blabber mouth, and them, the sneaky, scratchy scavengers. Regardless, while I’ll never be a cat person, I can appreciate cat stories from my friends who, by some stroke of silliness, are actually fond of felines. Case in point, check out the text that I received yesterday evening from my Greek goddess of a gal pal, EK. Some background context: EK recently got her cat back after it went missing for about three weeks.

“I took ‘Pixie’ to the vet. She had testes.”


Friday, August 5, 2011

Taste Bud Titillation

Since bringing lunch to work is equally cool as collecting Pucci scarves, I thought I’d share two tasty treats to titillate your taste buds this fine Friday. And by treats, I mean the two cheap and easy salads that I subsist on weekly.

Exhibit A: Combine arugula, diced peaches, walnuts and goat cheese in a Tupperware container. Coat with balsamic vinegarette. Pray that said contents do not leak and ruin your Louis Vuitton Speedy. Enjoy at noon.

Exhibit B: Rinse two cans of black beans in a colander while microwaving a bag of frozen corn. In a large bowl, mix with avocado, green onion and 1/3 cup of balsamic vinegarette. Let sit overnight. Spoon into Tupperware container. Pray that said contents do not leak and ruin your Foley + Corinna City Tote. Enjoy at noon.

On tap for me this weekend is a trip to Trader Joes and a birthday bash tonight, a day of sunning and Stonehill friends tomorrow, and a venture to the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday! Rest? Overrated.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Light Reading

Happy Hump Day! To be honest, I’ve always hated that expression, but it works for the rhyme I’m about to cue up: if you need some light reading to jump the hump (see that?), mosey on over to my new favorite blog, Brooklyn Blonde. As you can tell by the pictures below, this flaxen fashionista is as unafraid of color as I am (case in point: my dress today is a straight up mosaic!). And, she’s a fellow Brooklynite. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

There are just a few Clueless references throughout this post.

While I grew up in a house where TV viewing was permitted before all my homework was finished (just not during—Mamadukes and Daddy-o weren’t that rebellious!), we were by no means a “TV-centric” kind of family. As such, having a DVR was a new phenomenon for me when I moved in with AD back in January. Eight months later, I debate how I ever survived without such a luxury. I also debate how I’m able to craft somewhat-witty semblances of grammatically gorgeous prose. Someone who watches as many episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians as I do should probably be in a vegetative state by now.

Where was I going with this? Oh. Franklin and Bash! Do you guys watch? It’s the best thing to happen to cable TV since the Housewives of Bev Hillz, except instead of Giggy the Pom and his (her?) bedazzled and British owner, you have the delicious twosome that is Mark-Paul Gosselar and Breckin Meyer. A.K.A. Zach Morris and the stoner dude from Clueless who thanked the crew at McDonalds while making a celebratory speech about his debate class tardiness.

So, here are two things for Tuesday: (1) if you haven’t watched F&B, get on it, and (2) if you’re a NYC resident who doesn’t plan to attend McCarren Park’s outdoor showing of Clueless tomorrow night, you are even more of a loser than Elton. Or the thug who held Cher up at gunpoint in the Valley. Or that full-on Monet of a failing fashionista, Amber.

But if you are, you’re as top a choice as the furry white backpack that Cher paired with her yellow plaid ensemble in the movie’s opening montage. Naturally, I will see you there, no ifs, ands, or whatevers about it!

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Faux Glow

I promise I did more in July than add to my ever-growing collection of leopard print attire—but when the month in which I blogged a grand total of zero times brought me animalistic items in the form of a fabulous Calvin Klein dress, a slight splurge of a J.Crew pencil skirt, an impulse buy of a faux leather satchel, a bargain blouse from Century 21, a pair of powerhouse pumps, and a new piece de resistance for my closet in the form of leopard jeans (I’m not kidding), it’s hard for me to even grasp the fact that I spent most of July most definitely not shopping—and I have the “tan” to prove.

While my faux glow is more Jergens than genuine, I made sure to milk my weekends with jaunts between Cape Cod and Long Island, where I soaked up equal amounts of Vitamins D and C—though the latter usually involved limes, ice, and, when feeling motivated, a blender. You know how I roll! ;-)

This past weekend in particular was one of Stonehill reunions, with JT and KA’s visit to NYC. In typical fashion, JT had hyped up a surprise for her two favorite K’s, and oh what a surprise it was! Only JT would trek through the concrete jungle with a box of 350 photographs, chronicling college moments that we could respond to with nothing but laughter in between burrito bites at Blockheads.

August arrived quickly this summer. While I welcome the fall for its flavors and fashions, I’m sad to see summer go, and can promise that for the next month, I’ll be making like Sheryl Crow and soaking up as much sun as possible. I hope you'll all do the same!

Until next time,