Sunday, April 19, 2009

well that was an eloquent blog...

That last blog carried a severe lack of wit-- a lack fueled by what was definitely an eventful Stonehill Spring Weekend. Here's my second attempt. Recovering is perpetual; memories are forever, though not as photographically documented as I'd like. Just imagine countless coeds gallivanting in groups throughout a campus dotted with illegal "open containers" and outwardly fabulous frivolity. It was awesome.

With temperatures just spiking in the 70s , I couldn't help but day dream of summers past, remembering the amazing times and taking note of what needs to be replicated again in this upcoming season. Here's a list of what's on the tap of my summer wish list so far:

1. Dominate restaurant week. Get the parents in on one of those meals to alleviate the cost. Meet investment banker and have him pay for another. (JK, but maybe not...HA!) Butter was the best time last summer and definitely needs to be visited again; I still dream about the mahi mahi. From the decor to the drinks, it was a divine time. To be honest, I felt like a celebrity while they waited on me. I highly recommend it. Mesa Grill als makes the list of must-visit venues. Others: TBD.

2. Enjoy the Canterbury Reunion
. My collection of Canterbury friends are all reuniting this June for a whirlwind weekend of wild times and wilder people. Clearly, we're going to see Dave in Hartford. You can't get more American than that.

3. Attend concerts galore.
I addition to the aforementioned Dave show, I have a few more options in the works: Dave (again, but Jones Beach style), Gin Blossoms (B.B. King's) , and most importantly, DEF LEPPARD AND POISON (Jones Beach, obvi.) . It has to happen. My Bret Michaels obsession deserves it. I should start shopping for leather, like, now.

On that note, it's now midnight and my coma is starting to seriously set in. This list is most definitely TO BE CONTINUED...