Wednesday, April 15, 2009

honesty makes me smile

There are a few things that I can't live without: my MacBook, my Blackberry, my hot rollers that I accidentally left at home and am now without back at college, but most importantly, my Rayban aviators. They bring me so much happiness and have literally taken me from high school to college to London to Paris and to the moon and back. Today, while accidentally spending $50 bucks on junk food while making a quick trip for water bottles at Stop & Shop, my Raybans got lost. I began freaking out in the car after realizing they were no longer with me. However, the honesty of Massachusetts kept them planted on top of the Snapple bottles in asile six where I absentent-mindedly placed them. Phew!

On another note, it's officially Spring! Stonehill almost hit 70 degrees. Almost...

Here's hoping for the weekend! I'm havign too much fun wearing flip flops! ;-)


The Cape House said...

I am addicted to macbooks and the crackberry. That's great that you were still right where you left them. Don't you just love our town? :)

Thank you for the supportive comment!

Meghan said...

hey dolly- absent mindedly blog browsing in some downtime between classes. it's funny, i definitely did the same thing yesterday.. however, i left my 20 oz seven eleven coffee on a shelf amidst sweet leaf tea (GREATEST thing ever. the honey mint green tea. YUM) not quite as tragic as the raybans but i was frantically looking for it. cause nothing gets between me and my caffeine.
miss you terribly. also, so sorry to hear about your gma, through your blog of all things! hope you are hanging in there! guess that's what i get for living in the midwest and missing easter vacay.

sending lots of love and happy thoughts your way
cant wait to play come may
xx meg
(seriously, was not intended to rhyme!)