Thursday, April 9, 2009

my favorite find

While accompanying my sister on her afternoon journey for a prom dress, I figured some shopping for myself was very necessary, as well. Scanning the shelves and rummaging the racks at one of my favorite hit-or-miss locales, I started to get discouraged. I consider myself the queen of hit-or-miss shopping, but was having no such luck today. I always manage to find something amazing among the collection of cast away dresses and tops, but my efforts were not looking so hot... until we entered the fitting room, that is! Among the rack of "don't wants" and "didn't fits" hung this fantasticly gorgeous silk Lilly shift that left me giddy and hopeful that my reign as the bargain shopping queen was not yet over. But even better than that was the fact that the dress is a size that I haven't fit into since I was a freshman in HIGH SCHOOL! This 10K training is seriously reaping some ravishing results!