Monday, December 28, 2009

Fail of the Day

On a whim, Mamaduke suggested that I make a lunch reservation at the one semi-fancy restaurant in the semi-boonie town of Easton, MA for the big graduation day... which is more than FIVE months away. Apparently, all the other mamadukes of Stonehill's 2010 class had the same idea: the place is already booked solid! What a fail!

On the upside, though, tonight, my friends and I are off to Novita, a place I blogged about frequently when I was a semi-regular during my summer "daze." Winos unite: this place has an unbeatable selection. I might even depart from my go-to glass of Graff Riesling Spatlese and try something new.

In other news, my new place to visit this break is Pipa, a tapas y mas restaurant in the Flatiron District. While Christmas shopping last week, I spied through the window of the hotspot and was sold by the restaurant's ceiling: it's entirely covered in chandeliers! I was sold. Who wants to go!?