Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Watching a Movie With Me... and Jude Law

Watching a movie with me is pretty disastrous when you're looking to get really "into a film." (Also, who says "film" these days anyways?) I don't know the meaning of "be quiet!" and I always have questions about the plot, characters, or where I saw a certain actor or actress before. Plus, my attention span is a tad limited, and I have a tendency to fall asleep mid-movie. However, for the few movies that I actually find myself "getting into," kicking back with some popcorn alongside yours truly can actually be pretty fun! Case in point: yesterday night, my fellow and fabulous KR and I had a hot date to see Sherlock Holmes. Clearly, I was in it for the Jude Law scenes -- of which there were many, by the way! Robert Downey, Jr. played the famous detective with a Jack Sparrow-esque swaggar, while the overly attractive Brit donned a 'stache and played the perfect sidekick of Mr. Watson. While the plot was a bit convoluted, my attention was hooked from the get-go: I mean, let's be serious here: how can you fall asleep in front of a movie when Jude Law is on screen?!

Today, I'm off to another, even hotter date with my new boyfriend, Jim. And by Jim, I mean gym. Any by hotter, I mean the uncomfortable, get-me-off-this-freaking-treadmill kind. Hey, maybe my new "toned" and terrific self will make Mr. Law leave Siena for a second time...


Anonymous said...

Ooh Kaitlyn, I just can't get enough of how funny you are. I wish I could be your Jude Law ;). But seriously I've been reading for a while and I've only commented once but I felt I needed to post to let you know how invigorating your jokes are. Anytime you're looked for an even hotter date, message me back.