Monday, November 2, 2009

some spring break tidbits

Add a healthy dose of The Most Magical Place on Earth......with a scoop of the resort made popular by Mary-Kate and Ashley's straight-to-TV-but-should-have-been-a-blockbuster movie......with an attempt to find Nemo through some sexy snorkel goggles......with a sprinkling of relaxing, poolside afternoons......with a shot of neverending nights of disco dancing and casino cruising......upon this tricked out ship......and you've got the trusty recipe for my first REAL Spring Break! If only I could pull that whole bikini thing off like Marisa Miller. That would make things really perfect! T-minus 122 days until departure.... is that enough time to turn myself into a Victoria's Secret model?

I know. I'm laughing, too. If anyone wants to work his or her waistline by joining my new daily 8-Minute Abs club, though, new members are more than welcome... ;-)

Love and Skinny Girl Margaritas,



ML said...

seeing as i am no longer in college spring break is not in my future...however, shrinking the waistline is in my future.
i don't really see myself being bikini ready by summer 2010 but here's for dreaming? i should start hitting up our fave judgement free zone on the reg.

Ashley said...

Sounds super fun!!! Wish I could be there...drink a strawberry marg for me!!!!