Friday, November 20, 2009

now say [sp]aaaaaaaaa...

Remember that genius idea I had last Thursday? It involved me becoming the next Google by branding the KR name on a luxury spa that's only available in airports? Well, dear readers, that genius idea is so very been there, done that. An airport in Hong Kong and my very own JKF International are two of the nine airports featured in this airport spa review from InStyle. If your travel plans involve any of the highlighted hotspots, indulge during your next delay! Jetlag never looked so good!

Speaking of spas, though, I purchased a Groupon over the summer for a "day of bliss" at Spa Newbury on Boston's strip of luxury retail and real estate. If you're not a Groupon subscriber, do it now! Operating under "collective buying power," Groupon offers sa-weet deals in any and every consumer-pleasing area, which could come in especially useful as the holidays approach. For a mere $85, I will receive a legitimate day's worth of pampering: a facial, a massage, a pedicure, a mud wrap, a reflexology treatment... I feel like such a celeb! ;-)