Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm a model!

Well, not really. I'm too addicted to sushi rice, dark chocolate, and veal cutlets for that to ever happen. Plus, you already heard about the prom dress snafu caused by my "excess cushioning" in yesterday's post. (Side bar: It actually zipped, if you can believe it! Granted, however, the aggressive-yet-well-meaning DG had to physically yank me into said pink pouf.) Anyhow, back to my attempt at emulating Cindy Crawford, though without a strategically penciled-on mole. My Jersey Girl housemate, LR, is crafty to the max and recently started a blog of her own to promote her line of homemade headbands, "Ahead of the Trend." Clever, right? Her goodies are feathery, jeweled, wrapped in ribbon, and ready to wear. Her site is a definite work in progress, but please check it out, if only to see the locks of yours truly modeling a "pearly" version of LR's stylish artwork that would make even Blair Waldorf swoon, circa her Constance Billiard Queen Bee days.


Online Printing Company said...

Wow! I think many will visit that site. Thanks Blair for the headband trend. Really cute and classy!