Thursday, November 12, 2009

an airport muse

This marks the third airport muse of "The Prose of Krose." While my current situation isn't as bad as the time I was stranded in O'Hare for six hours en route to the Alamo, it's close enough. See, I've got this runny nose-cough thing, and all I want is some tea in front of the TV in preparation for tomorrow's big lunch. However, the New York Noreaster has prevented my 1:45 flight from making a timely departure. Despite the delay, my time spent people-watching has gotten me thinking about a few airport-related things:

1. Airports could benefit greatly from having manicure/pedicure stations alongside the news stands, or -- let's think big here! -- a full on spa beside the boarding terminals. As frustrations and tensions rise with each hour spent watching the time tick in cold, dreary airports, spa owners would ROLL in the dough of said frustrated passengers. I think this idea could make me the next Google, don't you think?

2. How do chainsmokers handle flying -- or worse -- delays? Trashy magazines and books can only go so far in distraction terms. I'm glad my addictions are limited to sushi, classic Billy Joel, and haggling.

3.Logan Airport has a homemade fudge shop. I succombed to the chocolate. Bad decision.

4.A toddler is shaking his tush to Shania Twain's "Man, I Feel Like A Woman." It makes waiting feel a little less painful

5. SCORE. See you in New York.