Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ode to BL... and Running

"So, in my hardcore, regimented training for the ever so intense Thanksgiving day Turkey Trot, I was running ferociously through the concrete jungle of Brooklyn. I was dodging moving vehicles and pesky pedestrians until I graciously fell onto the sidewalk and landed on my ankle."

Luckily, that run-with-a-bad-ending was not a fixture of my afternoon yesterday. As much as I long for my attempts at jogging to encompass strides through the aforementioned "concrete jungle," I can barely handle attempting to look like a gazelle as I leap across campus for a quick 5k loop. (Okay, it's really more like 1.25K. But I'm getting there!) Sadly, though, the news of that sprained ankle belongs to my dear friend and fellow Turkey Trotter, BL. BL, a J. Crew aficionada who is a medical school student by day and Irish lassie by night, is buckets of fabulous, which makes her oh so deserving of a "Get Well" post. BL, I send you best wishes for a speedy recovery of your lateral collateral ligament of your left ankle joint. Woah -- look whose a med student now!

PS, The image pictured above is "The Gazelle," some infomercial excuse for an affordable at-home elliptical machine. I have to admit that I tried using it back in the day and have forever wanted one for my family's basement. I felt like I was flying! Though that probably also means that no toning, calorie-burning, or sculpting was taking place, either...


Melissa G. said...

Hi there! It looks like we are ornament swap partners! It's nice to meet you!

My dad's family is from upstate New York, around Auburn.

I read that you like to travel. Have you ever been to Ireland? My husband is from northern Ireland and that's where we have been living this year. We're getting ready to move back to the States though in a few weeks.

I also read that you like photography! Me too!