Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ho ho ho

To me, Christmas music is playlist-acceptable any time after Halloween, which would therefore make a Christmas-themed blog perfectly seasonal from now until January 6th. As a result, I hope you all enjoy the ho ho ho-ness that will grace "The Prose of Krose" for the next few weeks. Anyhow, now that we've mentioned the musical miracle that is the Christmas tune, let's get down to business! It's not Christmas until I hear the following lucky seven songs:

1. New York City Christmas by Matchbox 20 is the perfect description of the most fabulous city's portrayal of Christmastime. I love nothing more than the Big Apple, decked in lights, garland, sales, sidewalk Santas, and Rockettes. The song's final exclamation for a "Merry New York Christmas" is extremely fitting, as Christmas in New York is unlike Christmas anywhere else.

2. All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. Need I say more?

3. Gaudete by some classical composer (?). Back during my teenage years, I was a "Chamber Choir" nerd-ette. As the "elite" chorus group of my high school, we sang some pretty obscure songs. They were always in foreign languages -- from Latin to Russian Gibberish -- and written by "experimental" composers who blended harmonies that hurt the ears of those without college degrees in "Music Appreciation." In short, our parents, as the only members of the audience, usually dreaded attending the seasonal Christmas concert. "Can't you just sing 'Let it Snow,'" my dad would often ask. Anyways, Gaudete was the one and only operatic masterpiece of my high school singing career that I enjoyed singing during the Christmas concert. While my vocal praises have decreased considerably since voice lessons and choir practice came to a halt, I'll never stop belting showtunes in the shower, despite the dismay of my roommates and family members. ;-)

4. The 12 Days of Christmas by the Muppets is an R family favorite. A song full of as much tradition as there are members said family (a.k.a. a LOT), this song reminds me of a time when Christmas had a bit more magic -- in the form of a jolly belly, a red coat, and a white beard.

5. Christmas Shoes by Bob Carlisle makes me want to ball my eyes out for eternity... but I can't help but love it, despite the fact that I only listen to it once a season; that's all I can handle.

6. Jingle Bell Rock was Grandma's all-time favorite Christmas carol. The site of her dancing alongside her hip-swinging Santa was always a highlight of the holidays!

7. Oh Holy Night by Christina Aguilera proves this chick's vocal chops, while turning a classic tune into a rockstar version that I replay, and replay, and replay, and replay...

Stay tuned for a 2009 Christmas List post in the near future. It will be as unrealistic as it is fabulous. And also, I haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving: I already hear the early morning road race and post-run awards of stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, and cranberry calling my name!


Suz said...

Let's not forget Band Aid with "Do They Know It's Christmas?"...Nothing beats the Bono's soul-stirring solo piece...such 80's Christmas fun...

Love the pretty holiday layout, btw...

Brochures Printing said...

All I Want for Christmas Is You! I always hear that song on the radio. It's awesome hearing Mariah's voice while thinking of your loved one during this season. Makes your heart smile!