Monday, November 9, 2009

the underrated blondie

While equipping Precious Pink (That's my iPod. Don't make fun.) with some new tunes for my evening run, I came across a few musical throwbacks. Ironically enough, they all involve the same blond, who, like the following songs, is somewhat of a figure of the past -- yet still totally amazing. That's right: Ashley Tisdale. Yet again, don't make fun; these songs never suffered the shame of a nose job gone wrong.

1. Bop to the Top. You know you all watched, loved, and replayed each installment of the High School Musical triolgy, so need I even ask you to not make fun? Anyways, each second of this 1:52 tune is as "fabulosa" as Senorita Sharpay exclaims in the opening. Run to it. Rave to it.

2. Shadows of the Night. Ever since the life-changing Rock of Ages re-defined my appreciation of 80s glam rock by way of Broadway, I've payed a lot more attention to Pat Benetar's creations. Ms. Tisdale's rendition of this hit is definitely rock star-worthy. I'm obsessed.

3. Kiss the Girl. While I can't say I go overly gaga for Disney, I certainly love the merits of each film's happy ending. Though this moment in The Little Mermaid is highly frustrating, the song is bananas, especially when sung by AT. The best part: there's no Scuttle screaming in the background!

In other news, I've done a bit of shopping over the past few days! Though the mother hen squawked at it, I am now the proud owner of this delectably gold Michael Kors watch. It's chunky and men's wear-ey, which makes it perfect and "now." I also spotted this brown leather version by way of my favorite fashion blog (I literally want to BE this girl!), and it just might have to make an appearance on my Christmas list. Nina Garcia always spoke of the merits of a men's watch -- and that chick's got some serious street cred in runway-land, despite getting booted from Elle to Marie Claire. Unfortunately, my lovely new gold friend has a scratch on her face already. Are glitches like that fixable? Help!