Saturday, November 21, 2009

some flowers for thought

I'm definitely a multi-season kind of gal. Fall brings scarves, boots, foliage, and fashion week; winter sends snow, skiing, and Christmas trees; summer supplies sun, sand castles, and weekend get-aways; spring blooms with flowers. Despite the November date and Boston latitude, yesterday was completely reminiscent of spring here at Stonehill, and after looking at these pictures, I felt the bittersweet tinge of that fact that I've got a single spring left to experience the beauty of a blossom-covered Stonehill. (However, when blanketed in snow, it's just as pretty!) The weather really needs to start making up its mind... Regardless, the following pictures, taken on a weekend-getaway in Cape Cod's picturesque Harwichport, epitomize the wonders of warmer weather.