Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Week From Hades... and prom?

As the semester winds down, it's usually impossible to escape without a week from the devil's land. However, my collection of days spent alongside Lucifer is just about to end! After two exams, two papers, and tomorrow's final presentation, I'll no longer dabble with el diablo... until finals, at least. ;-) But since I like to keep it positive, let's talk about this presentation for a hot second! Encouraged by our professor to "have some fun" with our final project, my group is truly embodying the case we're presenting for Stonehill's Policy & Strategy Capstone Class. So what if the hour-long talk is a major chunk of our grade!? While presenting a formal SWOT analysis of Nintendo, Inc. tomorrow morning, I will be wearing my prom dress. That's right, my prom dress.

Pounds of poufy, pink tulle will make me the perfect Princess Peach as I hope for an A (+?) alongside my teammates. Well, it's not that poufy. I'd sooner die than emulate a cupcake. (It sure is pink, though!) The only issue is that a bit of extra... let's call it "cushioning" has graced Princess Peach's physique since her barely legal high school days. As a result, the extra "padding" makes the non-cupcake dress a bit of a chore to zip -- and therefore rock with the same snazz and pizazz that the Garden City Hotel experienced way back when having the wildest post-prom plans made you a high school celebrity. (I went to a comedy club, which was probably un-cool. Oh well.) Anyhow, please pardon my digression. The real deal here is that after years of eying the layers of satiny pink peak from behind other ancient garments I actually still wear (I can't part with my "classic" Bitten by SJP denim jacket...ha... but I'm really not kidding), I'm finally giving my prom dress a second go... and who can say that they've done that?

With love from Marioland (can you tell I'm not a gamer?),