Thursday, October 15, 2009

first of all...

We need to talk about the recent controversy surrounding the iconic all-American designer whose classic stylings overflow my closet. Ralph Lauren champions timeless clothing with undeniable ease; his blazers and button-downs are nothing but collar-popping masterpieces. However, Mr. Lauren has gotten himself into quite the preppy pickle. After this ultra-photoshopped advertisement leaked ("It should NEVER have surfaced," stated the frazzled brains behind the button-downs), speculation arose that featured model Filippa Hamilton's "curvy" size four frame was a bit too much for the gang at Ralph Lauren to handle. (Note that her head is bigger than her waist. Yikes.) So she was fired. Fired! For being too fat. As a size four. A size four! If that's the case, I'm long overdue on a gastric bypass. I have no shame, though. You all know about my love of stretchy non-pants.

Anyhow, enough of this emaciated chitterchatter! It's Thursday. It's the weekend. Joy, joy, joy! As you can tell, I successfully made it back from the land of the Alamo. While I didn't visit the Alamo per se, I did have quite the Southwestern culture shock. Texans are a rare breed. From their steel-toed cowboy boots to their unmistakable drawls, each move they make is as character-filled as the Texas Two-Step. Yee-haw dancing aside, though, it was an awesome trip, filled with exploring the RiverWalk in Downtown San Antonio, taking in the liveliness of 6th Street on Longhorn game day in Austin, and spending time with family in the suburban desert. Most importantly, though, I had an extreme love affair with the San Marcos outlets that resulted in an explosion of new goodies: a polished grey dress, gold gladiator sandals, and a Reva tote from Tory Burch; a cocktail dress that seriously screams me, pink quilted flats, and a NYC taxi charm necklace from Betsey Johnson; a grey skirt and ruffly black cardigan from J.Crew; jeans from Banana Republic. If you were wondering, yes, I am now broke. In an attempt to reel in a sweet buck, I am considering learning to play the guitar so I can serenade New Yorkers on their morning commutes. Thoughts? Other ideas?

With love, laughter, and liveliness,