Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Starting Fires and Saving Lives

After weeks of busting rhymes to re-write Mr. Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire," my efforts have come to fruition. I ended up with a pretty fabulous Stonehill-ized rendition of the American history-chronicling hit for my "Mr. Stonehill" host audition. Despite some nerves, I went slightly nuts while auditioning in front of the 2010 class committee, singing about country music, pink and green clothes, sprained ankles, poorly performing football teams, and Obama obsessions. It was a little showcase of my Stonehill experiences, if you will. Something must have worked, because I'm one of the lucky three who gets to host the evening of swimsuit, talent, and formal wear competitions! Also, I can't help but note that when asked which actress would play me in a movie of my life, I responded with the obvious answer of Reese Witherspoon... though not before busting out the best "Bend and Snap" of my life. It seriously does work every time! Too bad no UPS guys were around.

As for saving lives, the Breast Cancer Walk went fabulously on Sunday morning. I somehow managed to rally, and was ready to roll by 7 AM, despite raging the night away on Saturday night under the black lights in my fellow Mr. Stonehill host's house. With every burn in my knees and shins as I walked the six-mile course along the Charles River, I kept reminding myself of how I'm a truly lucky girl. Many thanks to those who donated to our team, especially CO, the p-units, the Texan relatives (who I see on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!), and AK. You are all awesome!