Monday, June 8, 2009


The next time I head to Yoga to the People for an hour of power yoga, remind me to bring a change of clothes. Not wanting to force my sweat-drenched body into my work dress, I made my way from the studio to Penn Station looking a tad indecent in gray yoga pants and a striped tank -- two articles that looked like they accompanied me and my dripping hair at the SoHo House for a post-work rooftop swim. (If only!) Indecency aside, I highly, highly, highly recommend this place, though it was certainly packed to the max. I ubitasa-ed along with about 50 other yogis in a 105 degree room. The extra body heat made it the toughest class of my life, but that helped me feel all the better as I proudly exited, toxin-free. Best of all, I only counted one yoga snob among the crowd! Students were both male and female, and all seemed to be in their early 20s. What I also loved was that leaving mid-class to get some air, or taking a break from downward dog to relax in child's pose was completely encouraged. I was especially thankful to escape for a few minutes to down three bottles of water when the heat took its toll. (Nurse, aunt, and avid blog reader KK is probably freaking out right now... I made it out alive, though, didn't I?!) Lightheadedness aside, I loved the class, and plan on making it my Monday night ritual for the rest of the summer.

This Friday marks the infamous Calico Jack's happy hour. Apparently, a simple name drop at the door is all that's necessary, so we have all been spreading the word, pretending to be socialites, and planning a party better than Jill Zarin. On the topic of the most fabulous New York City housewife, I am in an insufferable state of jealousy for the fact that my dear friend JB MET Jill yesterday when he partied like a rock star at the Tony Awards. But even worse than that is the fact that he got to see BRET MICHAELS! Granted, the Poison frontman was clotheslined by a piece of descending scenery, but STILL! I have a really strange obsession with the bandana-wearing, STD-ridden, love-rocking musician and reality TV personality, and have sent my genuine condolences for his speedy recovery out into the universe. Oh jeez...

Have a great week, everyone!