Tuesday, June 9, 2009

rah rah for routine

As much as I am a fan of the “big things” in life, the little things [almost!] please me just as much. Getting the elevator door held. Hearing a stranger say “Bless you!” after I sneeze. Reading a comment on my blog. =) Having a routine. (Key word.) As much as my two weeks in limbo between final exams and my internship were relaxing and enjoyable, I prefer my time to be a bit more scheduled. By no means am I the anal retentive type, but an organized life means a happy KR. Therefore, I’ve decided to give a little “routine” to my blog. I’ve noticed that a few fabulous bloggers out there have some “routine” posts, and I think the concept really helps to enhance their blogs. (Check out Yellow Brick Blog’s “Forever Frugal Friday,” a charmingly alliterative notification of her favorite cheap finds of the week.) So, in an effort to hopefully up my readership, but mostly for my own enjoyment, I’m going to start two little routine “columns” within my blog:

1. In light of my new Monday night yoga class, I’m going to post a weekly posture that I find particularly awesome, challenging, confusing, fun, stretchy, etc. Maybe you’ll all consider trying them out!

2. Since I live for my weekends, “Destination Thursday” will review or discuss a place I’ve been or plan to go, from bars to cities and from restaurants to beaches.

I’m really looking forward to this addition. Thursday marks day one of my new little “routine,” so keep posted!