Friday, June 5, 2009

heels, puddles, and no more qualms

Alive and kicking, yes. That is still my current status, despite my brief, first-week-of-work-induced hiatus from bloggyland. My internship is faaaabbbbulous; the only thing I can’t stand is the fact that my ID card won’t work (it can take up to a WEEK to activate!), which therefore leaves me stranded in the elevator bank on the 3rd floor until someone enters or exits to let me into the department. The security guys at the desk pretty much know me by name already, as I give them a knowing wave each morning, to which they subsequently buzz me through to the speediest elevator known to man. My stomach drops with each journey. I love it.

Here’s a little list of what I’ve been up to/what things are like/etc. I’ll start with the fun stuff.

This morning, I successfully commuted in heels. It began with a two-legged sprint to the train, and ended with a 10 minute strut down 7th Ave. in which I avoided puddles like the plague and played with fire as my heel got caught on a vent. My darling little nude colored Mark Jacobs Mary Janes (my most recent Century 21 purchase, which I love, love, love!) suffered a slight bruising, but it’s nothing my mom’s trusty shoemaker can’t fix. I was really proud of myself for making the trek without a pair of flats on call. Granted, my tootsies are bandaged to the max so as to prevent blistering, but I still made it. Go me!

On day four, my boss hosted a 3rd floor happy hour. The wine was delish, but my tiny dragon roll of a lunch limited my intake. I was told my cheeks had their characteristically rosy glow. Also, in a miraculous visit, the CEO attended. I almost said hi. Imagine that? I would have been the coolest intern. Damn.

I’m pretty much the only girl on my floor. By day three, I figured the gents were ready for some pink. Upon entering, my boss said, “Kaitlyn, you look like Elle Woods.” I had to tell him about my obsession.

To kill time between work and BT’s birthday bash dinner at Caliente Cab, I made an appearance at Laughing Lotus Yoga. The attendees were a little too yoga-snobby for me, but the teacher was great and I had a nice, relaxing, and hip-opening time. The nakedness in the dressing room was a tad overkill, however. I’m trying out Yoga To the People on Monday, which is closer to my office and therefore a little more convenient.

After work happy hour, I took the train home and reconnected with my high school entourage after four days of separation, which is a lot considering our inseparability over the past few weeks. We discovered Jack Duggan’s, and relished in their “Recession Thursday” special of $1 domestic drafts and $3 well drinks. Yummilicious.

The Housewives of the dirty jerz never fail to amuse me. I’m hosting a wine social for the finale.

There is so much more to tell. Keep posted!

Love, heels, picture frames, and my very own cube,