Saturday, June 13, 2009

the aftermath of smoky eyes

It's mornings like these when I really miss my crazy college roomie, JT. Waking up to a sleeping family is just not as fun as re-entering reality with a recap of the previous evening done without ever getting out of bed. Additionally, the aforementioned family failed by allowing me to stroll my house for the entire morning with total raccoon eyes -- a look that is only acceptable between the hours of 10AM and noon in college dorms, when everyone else sports the look, as well. JT always warns me, nonetheless. After getting home from such a fabulous night, all I could do was fall into bed. The eyes had to stay.

I can finally say that I've experienced the hyped hangout that is Calico Jack's. An awesome crowd (definitely bridge and tunnel! Go us!) and lethally cheap drinks combined for an evening of fun with my best friends in the universe. Despite us all attending different colleges and choosing opposite paths in life, we're still an inseparable entourage. I feel bad for the couple who sat with us on the train in. Our loudness was unparalleled. I feel like the luckiest girl to have them!

Aww shucks, look at me being so sappy... XO.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya. When I'm there, I miss the home crowd, when I'm here, I miss the school gang.