Saturday, June 20, 2009

a quick recap

It's Saturday night at 9:37 PM and I couldn't be happier about taking the night off. I feel like I've been having too much fun lately -- though that is definitely a good thing! I don't think I've ever enjoyed myself more during the summer! Here's a little recap of my weekend so far:

-Wednesday and Thursday marked my week of double happy hours. The double dose might have to be a new tradition...

-Friday, I hopped on the fastest train home I could and was welcomed with the longest and snuggliest hugs from my precious cousins D and L, who are approaching ages 5 and 3, respectively. They really are the cutest kids in the world! After not seeing them for over a year, I was simply giddy!

-After Friday's BBQ, ML alerted us that she hooked us all up with some sa-weet Brit Brit tickets for her August show at MSG. I haven't been to the circus in a while, and am definitely looking forward to watching the reinvented pop princess in the center of the ring... ;-)

-Friday night also hosted some bar hopping on a new part of the island, via the instruction of the AZ relatives and some other friends and family who joined for the journey. It was so encouraging to see how well my island ladies meshed with the 1/5467th of my family that was present. It was the best! =)

-Also on Friday, while gallivanting through the RVC beer garden (which will be frequented again quite soon), I ran into one of my favorite pieces of Stonehill fabulousness, JE, who was back from Newport for Father's Day! I love surprises, so seeing her was a little extra bonus to the already perfect night out.

-My yoga towel came in the mail. I far too enthusiastically opened the package upon my arrival home Friday night. I celebrated with chips and salsa. (Bad decision, but oh well!)

-I marathoned at the gym with Mother Hen and AR this morning. It was very, very necessary.

-Father's Day tomorrow marks another several hours that I can surround myself with my two favorite bundles of cuteness. I couldn't be happier!

Happy Weekend! =)


Tara Gibson said...

you were a busy girl!! hope you had a great weekend!