Monday, June 15, 2009

Spotted (again)

Now, for all you “Hills” fans out there, let me tell you a-something: Kelly Cutrone looks as terrible in person as she does on TV. I made my second “Seventh Ave. Spying” of the summer this morning while booking it to work after my train in from the isla was cancelled. The bi-coastal B*+$% of People’s Revolution, the fashion PR firm that “employed” cast members LC, Whitney Port, and -- very briefly – Stephanie Pratt, was dressed quite unfashionably in jeans and a baggy blue t-shirt. I hope she was coming from a jog at the gym or, better yet, a yoga class – the woman needs to chill! I always felt that for someone whose career revolves around appearances and aesthetics, Kelly looked a bit too unkempt during each episode. And after this morning’s sprint to work, my suspicion was oh so confirmed. I wonder who I will spy next week… or today, for that matter! Apparently, MK Olsen frequents Yoga to the People (I don’t know why. The Michelle Tanner in her could afford much, much more than the “charming” but still very fabulous 6th Ave. studio.) Maybe I’ll have a story for tomorrow after this evening’s hour of downward dogs and king pigeons!


RCaitlin said...

Haha yeah, seeing people from TV in real life is an interesting experience...just blogged about it myself.