Thursday, June 11, 2009


This guide to all things fabulous for a summer in the city could not have come on a better day, as it’s my first DESTINATION THURSDAY. Let’s all golf clap. Ms. Happening Hotness herself, the pint-sized BT, never fails to pull through with creative plans. With this Vanity Fair guide, we too can be just as savvy! The list of Hudson River Flicks looks especially promising. Watching The Wizard of Oz or Sex and the City riverside, on a blanket, under the stars, after work, wine in hand, friends in tow? Precious.

Now, since my GC crew and I have successfully convinced ourselves that we’re socialites for this weekend (but probably not this weekend alone; that’s just how we roll… ha.), I can’t stop myself from shamefully plugging the happy hour that the blue-eyed AC is hosting at Calico Jack’s Cantina. As a weekend destination that I’ve flocked to once before, Calico Jack’s is the type of place you have to visit if you’re newly legal like us. After years of hearing stories of LS’s essential sister-in-law’s Calico Jack’s debauchery, we couldn’t help but feed our intrigue. Upon entering, the air smelled of Fake-ID Heaven, but the mix of dance floor and people-watching lounge made it a spot with tons of potential. The bar also run these “free” happy hour specials all the time, so why not take advantage? Try a fishbowl margarita and see if you make it home in once piece. I’ll let you know how it goes… ;-)