Wednesday, June 10, 2009


SPOTTED: Black wayfarers. Skinny jeans. Hipster headgear that was not exactly a hat. Squealing tourists.

In Times Square, people photograph the craziest things that, to me, have become relatively unexciting after 21 years. Just this afternoon, as I exited the lobby ready to alleviate my beckoning stomach, I barely gave a second glance to the cluster of people taking a photograph outside the doors that I enter and exit every morning and evening. It’s a good thing I did. You have probably learned by now that I am a reality TV addict. From “Rock of Love” to “The Real World,” I can’t get enough of entertainment that is embarrassing to admit to watching religiously. When I realized that Chet of “The Real World: Brooklyn” was posing with two fans whose own attempts at hipsterness were blinded by the MTV mormon’s signature style, I couldn’t help but stare at the man who is now my fourth real-life “Real World” sighting. With no camera to capture the moment, I creepily watched him turn from 7th to 42nd, on a very clear mission for new wayfarer sunglasses to add to his already overflowing collection.

As for the cast members that I’ve met, I chatted and took a picture with Willie of the Philadelphia season outside the Nederlander Theatre on 41st St. after seeing the Broadway gem Rent for the 3rd time. I took Rachel and Shane of “Road Rules: Campus Crawl” to dinner in my college cafeteria (pathetic, I know) during the spring of my sophomore year at Stonehill. They visited to encourage us to “Rock the Vote,” but it was clear that the presentation’s attendees were just like me and in it for the Q and A session at the end. (We learned some serious dirt on Tanya!) They were both fabulous, crazy, and everything I expected. It’s a shame that Shane is gay. He was too cute for words… ;-) Chet, therefore, marks my fourth MTV “star” sighting, and as long as my obsession (and apparent luck) continues, he surely won’t be my last!

Now, since Shane was the only one of the above four who makes my unofficial “Top Five Reality Stars to Meet” list, I’ve decided to share the remaining four.

1. Rodeo of “Rock of Love.” None of Bret’s romancing hopefuls compares to the cowgirl whose laugh could take over the world with one swift karate chop.

2. Bret Michaels. My friends have threatened to send in an application with my name on it if the rocker attempts to find his “rock” again. Though that means no more “Rock of Love,” since my preppy clothes and corporate summer obviously fit in with his rocker vibe.

3. Shane. DONZO!

4. Jill Zarin, the ginger-haired housewife of NYC and fellow Long Island native.

5. Teresa from the housewives of New Jersey.

And as an unofficial 6th, Brody Jenner. How could you not want to be in his presence?

Yours in patheticness,



Suz said...

Sister...first of all, this background rules. Second...I too am a reality star groupie (on the high end, Rock of Love Bus or Charm School for me...although I did sit next to some guy from I Love New York on the train once...)and I have had some vintage sightings that hail from the infancy of the genre...Eric Nies all loud and obnoxious walking down Lower 5th Ave, Effie from Road Rules waiting on me at Chumley's...but best of all...the elusive Lars from RW London....also strolling Lower 5th...surprisingly good looking. What I can say is this...when a real celeb is in the area, I go out of my way to ignore...but I gape and gawk at reality show folks...probably because I don't care if they think I am an idiot.

Great post.

Tara Gibson said...

oh i would so run up to a reality star before i would a celebrity : ) great post!