Saturday, June 6, 2009

those flashing lights

Here's a little taste of where my name was flashing for all of Times Square to see this Monday, right on the corner of 42nd St. and 7th Ave. (All of the New York interns' names were listed and scrolled through marquee-style during the morning! How cool is that?!) Of course, I had to go inside to submit paperwork before I could see my actual name, but I imagine it was oh so awesome! (Photo credit to my fellow 3rd floor intern, Vineet!)

On the topic of interns, it's quite a crazy adjustment to go from interning with just one other person, to a group of 130. Last year at Zoom, I was always entertained by the fabulous Brooklynite NB. As irreplaceable as she is (can you tell she reads this blog? xoxo), it's a really interesting experience to work with so many incredibly diverse and intelligent students and recent graduates. 30% are international, and probably the same percentage (or more...oy!) are Ivy leaguers. Mad props to all of them, but I still wear my Stonehill spirit proudly! =)

I just can't seem to stop blogging today... XOXO


NB said...

i love you! and miss you so!