Saturday, May 30, 2009

my inner kid is leaping

Yes, I am 21, and yes, I just danced around my house after hearing that Disney-Pixar is collaborating again to turn the Toy Story empire into a trilogy. Toy Story 3!!! How freaking fabulous is that?! As a child, I loved the duo of movies, and am very excited to take a trip down memory lane on June 18th, 2010, which falls just after my own college graduation. How... fitting? The movie's concept is adorable: the toys get dumped in a day care after Andy goes to college. How precious! Let's hope they make it out and back to the cloud-painted room they called home for so many years.

Sometimes, I'm really borderline pathetic, but I like to call it charm. On that note, I think I need a cocktail... Thankfully LS and her big, fat Italian family are throwing down for her graduation this afternoon. The event is sure to have home cooked creations galore, and, of course, some well-needed vino! Ciao!