Tuesday, May 12, 2009

cape cool

Greetings from the bay! After days of wearing no shoes, drinking only Strongbow, napping on sand, and relishing in the amazingness of a nice grilled dinner, it's hard to imagine going back to reality. To be honest, I barely know what day it is. It's something in the water here, I guess. =) Though on the other hand, I was never so fabulous at this whole "relaxing" thing. As nice as a lazy afternoon is, being on the go is more my style, which makes me happy to know that after a week of salty breezes and saltier margaritas, the darling pair of islands I call home is calling my name.

Last night, we trekked to Pufferbellies to celebrate EP's 21st birfdy, as she so graciously named it. At this slightly sketchy townie bar that, for the night, was filled solely with Stonehill students and security guards, we, as one of the first groups of hooligans to arrive, definitely made our mark on the dance floor as Lady GaGa and Basshunter set the soundtrack of the evening. It was an outrageous night that's a blur of laser lights and disco balls... See you next year, Hyannis!

On another note, with grades finally released, I am officially a college senior. Somewhere along the journey of all-nighters, double features, and magazine subscriptions, I made it to this coveted time of "last times." Kleenex, anyone?