Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Those oh so fresh pumps arrived today. TODAY! My Crackberry alerted me with the mailroom's coveted "YOU HAVE A PACKAGE WAITING FOR YOU" e-mail as I farewell brunched with some friends... Though it's not really a farewell, considering the fact that in just THREE DAYS, we will be sans responsibilities, chilling Capeside while our beverages chill inside. The blender will be in full swing. It's that kind of vacation!

The arrival of my new "Amy" shoes was definitely a pleasant one, as they are both brand spankin' new and utterly authentic. (Thank GOD!) However, they boast a trusty Centrury 21 price tag of an amount that's about twelve Pufferbellies (sketchy Cape club we will be attending in rare form on Monday) drinks less than what I paid on eBay. The New Yorker in me was not too happy, as I can navigate the downtown discount department store gem in a little over a week. Though, on the upside, those of you who have braved Century 21 before know that shopping over eBay was a probably a little more convenient than an afternoon in the dungeon of a shoe annex... =)

Forever your discount shopping maven,